Walking is an excellent way to wake you up while you are sleep deprived, to get you out of the house which can sometimes feel like a prison and a means of getting some well needed fresh air for you and your baby. But if you don’t have a reason, it can sometimes feel like a waste of time and effort, so if you are only motivated to get out of your PJs when you have a purpose or mission, here are a few things you can use to justify going outside. 

Cultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

Cultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

Walk to the library: If you are lucky enough to have a library nearby- use it! If you’re not a big reader this could be your chance to start a new hobby and read a few pages a night to get you into the swing of things. Or there will be a huge choice of books you can read to your little one so why not get something that you can enjoy together? Many libraries also offer free sessions for babies where you can talk to other mums and engage in some activities designed for their age group like singing and playing, so take a look at the posters and see what they offer throughout the week. 

Walk to the shops: Most homes will have a corner shop nearby, and while I wouldn’t encourage that you do a small top up shop every day, as you will run out of money fast- getting an essential item such as milk or bread is a necessity. You might even connect with the person behind the till with some light conversation about the weather or the news. While they may seem futile- these small interactions are essential if you aren’t seeing anyone else throughout the day.   

Walk to a class: Do your research and find places that run free classes for babies. Your local children’s centre often hosts baby massage classes, first aid sessions or messy play activities for new mums so you can meet other people who are in the same place as you physically and mentally, while your baby can enjoy some time with others their own age. And you might learn a little something too! 

Walk to your local park: While your baby may not be at the right age to try out any of the facilities, this is a great place to meet other mums who might be sitting watching their older children play. You have something in common so why not take a seat and start up a conversation with someone who may be feeling lonely or isolated too? You are going to have to get used to parks once your child is old enough so why not start now! 

If this feels like too bold a move- simply take a sandwich and a bottle of milk for your baby if you aren’t breastfeeding and have your lunch in the outdoors instead of cooped up at home. 

Walk to meet a friend or family member: If you have had a section, you may not be able to drive or perhaps you only have one car and your partner needs it for work. Even if you have a car sitting on your drive and are able to use it- if the distance is reasonable- try to walk to your destination instead. The exercise will make you feel far better than the stress of trying to get the pram in the boot and your baby in their seat only to reverse the process when you get there. 

Walk to the post box: If you need to send a birthday, sympathy, anniversary or thinking of your card, don’t throw it in the postbox at your local supermarket when you do the shopping- turn it into an event by walking to one in your local area. If you have one very close, seek out one that is a little further away to increase your time in the outdoors. If you have nothing to post, why not write a letter or postcard to someone you care about- it will be a nice surprise and something for you to put together when you get a moment to yourself. 

Post office: Most mothers will see a drop in their income over maternity leave if their company doesn’t supplement their maternity pay, so you may be looking for ways to make some extra cash to help with the drop in wage. One easy way to do this is to take a look at the things you have in your home that you no longer use or want. Sell them on a second hand site of your choice and package them up, then you have an excuse to go on a walk to the post office to send it off to its new owner! 

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