It’s possible that your maternity leave has become a little stale and you have found yourself in the same cycle of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, tidying, making bottles and changing nappies. Or maybe you are about to go off on maternity leave and don’t want to fall into the same old routines, here are my top tips as I reach the finish line and head back to work…

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Change your daily walk: While walks are great for getting you out the house and giving you and your baby some well needed fresh air, they can begin to feel like a chore if you continually tread the same old paving stones. Don’t take the pram along the tried and tested route every day- this is a recipe for disaster. Do something as simple as trying your usual walk the opposite way around or go to a different corner store for your top up shop. You will see new things and encounter new faces on the way, even if all you exchange is a ‘hello’, it’s worth it for a fresh connection. 

Plan a date with someone different each week: Don’t fall into the trap of seeing the same people just because they live close by. For instance if you always end up at your mum’s place because her house is just around the corner, why not arrange to see a friend who is also on maternity leave instead? It may involve a longer walk or a drive but the change in conversation will do you the power of good. Very little happens when there is only a day or two between seeing the same people over and over again and with familiarity breeds contempt!

Do the same things but in new places: Your baby has needs but you don’t you have to address all of them in your home. Why not feed them in a local cafe or sit in the sun on a park bench instead of your couch while you give them a cuddle? Let them nap in their pram instead of their cot while you take a walk. These minor changes will stop you feeling like your home has become a prison and open you up to other opportunities. 

Make slight alterations to each task at hand: If you need to dry your washing- could you peg it up outside if it’s sunny rather than put it on the airer like you always do? If so, give yourself a hit of fresh air to help wake you up! If you need to tidy up while your baby is napping- why not throw on a podcast or some music (on a low volume of course) to help pass the time? And change the time you do them- the world will not stop if you do your washing at 1pm instead of 9am. 

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Shift your screen habits: Perhaps you habitually throw on your most beloved TV show as background noise, scroll through the same feeds on Instagram and watch almost identical videos on You Tube each day- and before you know it- you’ve lost hours while your baby has been asleep trawling through the same old rubbish. If you want to make the most of this time, download a book or magazine app and read a chapter or article so you feel like you’re doing something more productive with your day. Or, plan in a fun, family activity to do when your partner next has a day off. 

Get ready as soon as you can: This may sound like a silly thing but if you leave your PJs on, you are less likely to want to do something new with the day because getting ready is a huge effort with a baby. Try to shower/get dressed/do your hair/make-up- whatever you do to feel like you are good to go as soon as you get up. This will make you feel better about yourself and more prepared to embrace change. 

Experiment with baby classes: The beauty of baby classes is that you could do a different one each week. Most providers offer blocks of classes, however you can try before you buy too. So give baby sensory a go one week and messy play another. Take your baby swimming or enrol in a baby first aid class instead. The key is to mix it up and enjoy each new experience and you will have something exciting to talk about with your partner on your return.

If each day is a replica of the last while you are on your maternity leave, you will soon tire of it and want to rush back to work. This time with your baby is precious, so keep things fresh by making small but manageable changes where you can and make the most of it because it goes by so fast.

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