The juggle is real when you’re a parent and with two daughters, I know only too well how so many balls are constantly in the air. As a professional planner who runs her own business (Perfect Planner Co –, there is only one thing that enables me to keep my head above water - my planner! It acts as my very own personal assistant. I can keep track of my meetings, social events, family meals for the week and childcare arrangements all whilst helping me set and achieve my goals and what I’ve set out to do. Here are seven reasons why you need a planner of your own as a mum:

Monique Sveinsson

Monique Sveinsson

1. It’s time to look after YOU!

Too often as a mum everything else takes priority but how can we expect to be the best we can be for our children when we aren’t even looking after ourselves? Planning just 20 minutes a day into your planner, even if it’s before the kids wake up, allows you to designate time for YOU! Write down your morning routine or one thing you’re going to do that week that you want to achieve. We dedicate so much of our lives to our children, but we need to remember that to be the best caregivers and support systems we can be for them, we need to check in with ourselves every once in a while.

2. Say goodbye to stressful school holidays

Six weeks of planning activities and booking various clubs can be a testing affair but it becomes easier if you plan ahead of time.

TOP TIP: I also use our Summer Adventure Wall Planner (a fun interactive poster) to plan the summer holidays which is a great activity to do with the children. They can then look to see what’s happening every day which also gives them a sense of comfort. Maybe you can tick off a few new experiences for the whole family?

3. A family who eats together, stays together

Family meals can be a battle especially with younger children, but it doesn’t need to be that way. My planner allows me to be one step ahead. I plan my meals for the week every Sunday which saves me time every evening. I used to stare into the fridge feeling uninspired, but by meal planning on a weekly basis, I’m also saving money because less food goes to waste.

TOP TIP: Get your children involved in the meal planning process. Compromise is key and it will help them to process what’s for dinner ahead of time.

4. Become your own financial advisor!

Financial planning – even just seeing those words used to send a shiver down my spine. Where do you even start? Planning finances helps you to keep an eye on your income, expenses, and savings. One thing I’ve done for years now is a financial review at the beginning of every year, writing it all down in my planner. I look at all my direct debits, subscriptions and what expenses are new for the coming year. It’s worth it as it can save you money you don’t need to be spending and you can cancel any subscriptions, you’re not using any more.

5. Never forget about another non-uniform day or parent’s evening again

‘Mum, it’s World Book Day today, I need a costume’ - worst nightmare, right? A very easy solution to stop this problem from arising is to sit down with the school events list at the beginning of September and write them all down so you can look ahead and not be caught unprepared.

TOP TIP: set yourself a reminder a couple of weeks before if a costume needs to be ordered to give yourself plenty of time to get organised. The sense of achievement is real, and your children will love you for it too.

6. The overwhelm can sometimes be too much so brain dump

When we are spinning ALL THE PLATES everything can feel overwhelming. I get great comfort in emptying what’s in my head into my planner. This way I can process what’s important and what can be pushed aside.

7. You’re not alone – motivational quotes are a must

Motivational quotes in my planner help me push through at the time I need them the most. Being a mum can be overwhelming and sometimes you can feel like the only person in the world who is struggling or feeling the dreaded mum guilt. But you’re not alone. I can guarantee you if you are going through something as a parent, many others are too I am the first to admit getting my two girls out of the house in the morning can be interesting to say the least.

If you’re looking for a planner which focuses on you, as a parent and allows you to stay on top of everything head over to Monique Sveinsson’s Perfect Planner Co website and for more tips and tricks to stay organised, follow Monique on Instagram

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