Britain's Queen Elizabeth is a huge fan of Daniel Craig.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 89-year-old monarch filmed a sketch for London's 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony with the actor in character as suave spy James Bond and director Danny Boyle revealed she agreed to take part because she wanted a picture with Daniel, 47.

He told the Daily Beast: "While we were doing it, I was thinking, 'Well, why did she agree to do this?' We sent the idea in to them and we were already planning what we'd do instead because we thought she'd never agree. And they agreed!

"And you immediately stop and think, 'Why?' The queen doesn't need anything, and doesn't need anything to do with PR. But you know what? The queen wanted pictures with Daniel Craig! I kid you not. She wanted pictures with him."

And according to Danny, the queen also made sure that her staff all got pictures with the hunky actor.

He added: "They were insistent that they all get pictures with Daniel Craig so, on their royal Facebook or whatever, they could post the pictures of her and her staff. And it wasn't just her. She wanted her staff, who'd been there for years, to have pictures with Daniel. They were acting like regular people, and it's fun to say, 'There I am with James Bond!'"