Prince Harry’s nutritionist issues her top tips for people to transform their health in a fortnight.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Gabriela Peacock is a renowned nutritionist to the stars who helped the likes of Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice get in shape for their weddings. And the £270 an hour former model has explained how mere mortals can get fit and healthy too.

Speaking to Femail, the 41 year old, who hails from the Czech Republic recommends "intermittent fasting" and two main diet plans, the 4:3 and the 16:8, which she’s written about in her book ‘2 Weeks to Feeling Great’.

She said: "I find intermittent fasting is by far the best because you don't need to go to the shops and buy a special food or pay a lot of money or pay someone. What I love about it is just about when you're eating and how you're eating, and there are little tips around it. What I would say is, I would always recommend for the clients, look at my two plans, and just see which ones fits best for your lifestyle. They're both equally great they're both based on intermittent fasting, but one will work better for you than other. We also know intermittent fasting is a very, very healthy weight loss process.”

And she also believes blood sugar levels are what needs to be assessed before anything.

She said: “The first step I look at with every single of my clients is their blood sugar balance. You want to have a stable blood sugar levels throughout the day, and you don't want to experience any spikes - which is a super rush - you don't want to experience at the lows. Because when you're low, is when you feel tired and you can be grumpy'. Fruit is fantastic if add some nuts and seeds with a small yoghurt, hummus and a piece on cheese. It will be much better for you because you're combining the person and carbohydrate."