Prince William will "respect" any country that wishes to separate itself from the monarchy.

Prince William has promised to respect countries seeking independence

Prince William has promised to respect countries seeking independence

The 39-year-old royal has outlined his position on the issue, amid the prospect of more countries becoming republics in the coming years.

Speaking in The Bahamas, William - who is currently on a tour of the Caribbean with the Duchess of Cambridge - explained: "Next year, I know you are all looking forward to celebrating 50 years of independence - your Golden Anniversary. And with Jamaica celebrating 60 years of independence this year, and Belize celebrating 40 years of independence last year, I want to say this: We support with pride and respect your decisions about your future. Relationships evolve. Friendship endures."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have toured the Caribbean to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year.

William also recalled travelling to The Bahamas during his childhood, describing it as the "best holiday ever".

He said: "I came here with my mother as a child. Snorkelling around the James Bond wrecks off Nassau left me with the most vivid memory of your beautiful blue waters. For a young boy, obsessed with 007, it was the best holiday ever."

Despite this, the royal tour has been met with protests in various parts of the Caribbean.

For instance, the Bahamas National Reparations Committee recently called for the British monarchy to pay millions in reparations for its role in slavery.

In an open letter published ahead of the royal visit, the committee said: "We, the children of those victims, owe it to our ancestors to remember. We owe it to our ancestors to demand a reckoning and to demand accountability, healing, and justice.

"The Duke and Duchess may not be compelled to make such a declaration during their visit to our shores. They may not be able at this time to speak on behalf of the Queen and their government. However, they can no longer ignore the devastation of their heritage.

"They and their family of royals and their government must acknowledge that their diverse economy was built on the backs of our ancestors. And then, they must pay."