The ongoing media tirade surrounding Meghan Markle is hard to keep up with. Quite frankly, we’re sick of it.

Meghan has been subject to constant criticism by tabloids and social media users

Meghan has been subject to constant criticism by tabloids and social media users

It seems that the Duchess of Sussex can’t do anything anymore without being criticised, and if it weren’t so underlyingly malicious, we’d laugh at how pathetic it has become. But sadly, the situation has developed from clickbait style headlines to full-blown bullying.

Of course, there are more people that support her than there are that have bad things to say. However, the number of insults and negative headlines aimed at her on a daily basis is still baffling.

One tweet in particular that has got people talking pointed out some highly contradictory and frustrating headlines.

Meghan has been continuously hounded by the press, accused of ‘breaking royal protocol’ on multiple occasions.

From her fashion choices to her relationship history, the Duchess is constantly being scrutinised by the media.

There is a bizarre obsession over Meghan Markle - and 'experts' are having a busy time teaming up with publications 'reveal the truth' about her, based on where she puts her hands, or how irregular her spacing is when she writes.

This week, she made an appearance at the Natural History Museum. On entering the building, she didn’t hold Harry’s hand, nor did she cradle her baby bump. Now, she is being defiant - trying to appear confident and resilient, says on body language expert.

And that’s not the first time an expert has had something to say about a completely normal, human act that Meghan has done.

Apparently, the way she writes reveals she has narcissitic tendencies - yes, really.

Since the letter which she sent to her father was printed in the press, experts have been analysing what the amount of pressure applied between pen and paper, and the way in which her lettering slants, says about her personality.

We’re not entirely sure about the science behind these conclusions, but we’d prefer to judge the Duchess’ character on her contribution to charity, and the global movement for women’s rights and equality.

And from this, we concluded that Meghan is the ultimate role model for young women and girls all over the world.

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