The time has finally come for global travel to open up and we can all start making holiday plans once more. 2022 is set to be a huge year for travel with tourists making the most of destinations all over the world. Forbes lists Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada as some of the top travel destinations for this year, all of which have a lot to offer. If you are looking for some scenic coastlines, Croatia and Italy are two excellent destinations to consider. Italy, in particular, has some stunning coastal areas including Positano, Since Terre, and Sorrento, which will suit both scenery lovers and food lovers alike. History fans will enjoy a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru, Angkor in Cambodia, or Petra in Jordan. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, whether it's a weekend trip to a European city or a month-long stay in South America, there is no shortage of inspiration online and plenty of dreamy locations to research. Once your trip is booked it's time to pack and prepare for the journey. We have rounded up the best travel tips and tricks that can help make the journey a little more comfortable.

Airport Travel

Airport Travel

Packing and Planning your Trip

For starters, it's always worth checking out the best travel accessories when planning a trip and packing your bags, especially when it involves a flight or two. Accessories, such as travel bottles, face masks, a notebook, and a neck pillow can make any flight a little more comfortable. Likewise, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can make a flight or train journey significantly more relaxing by drowning out environmental noise and letting you focus on a movie, podcast, or music. When packing your carry-on luggage, place items, such as liquids and technical devices in a pocket or section of your suitcase that is easy to access - this ensures they are quick to remove when going through security.

Other travel

  • When flying, especially on long haul flights, be sure to wear travel socks to keep your circulation moving throughout the flight
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated on planes and long train or car journeys. This is particularly important in hot climates
  • Book your accommodation well in advance - with a huge rise in tourism in 2022, a lot of hotels and hostels are booking out and have limited last-minute availability
  • Be sure to research internal journeys by plane, train, or bus to ensure you get the best value and make the most of your travel time
  • neck pillow and an eye mask can help you get a few hours of sleep or relaxation on any flight, train, or bus
  • Print out travel documents, such as boarding cards and COVID certs before you leave. It's handier to have these items to hand rather than relying on your phone for everything while in transit

Once you reach your destination, accessories like a sunhat, sunglasses, sun cream, and insect repellent can make a stay in a hot country a little easier. In countries where mosquitoes are an issue, it is worth packing a mosquito net and doubling up with mosquito repellent and citronella candles for the night-time.

Long Distance Travel

If you are looking to travel somewhere further afield, destinations like Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand have plenty to offer adventurous travellers. Mexico and New Zealand are especially suitable for anyone who enjoys an outdoor holiday, with activities like hiking, trekking, scuba diving, and snorkelling available. They are quite far from the UK and involve a lengthy flight to get there. It is worth booking at least two to three weeks or longer in countries that are so far from home, to truly make the most of the location.

After so much time without the option of travelling, the opportunity to make travel plans again is both exciting and freeing. Whether you are island hopping in Greece, backpacking in Thailand, or scuba diving in Malta, preparing and planning carefully for your holiday in 2022 will ensure you get the most out of your time abroad. All that's left to do then is enjoy the sun, sea, sand, and food in your chosen destination.


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