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I know 2022 has only just begun however it is never too early to get on the holiday planning websites and book something to look forward to. With COVID travel is uncertain and can be made even harder with the amount of testing but it is worth it to step off the plane and be hit with the hot air of a new country, I think everyone has earned a well deserved break. Whether you are jetting off somewhere hot or avoiding those airport queues with a sneaky staycation it is always hard not to pack the kitchen sink when travelling.  It seems to be so long since people have been on holiday that it can be easy to forget those extra little accessories which make all the difference when you are abroad. I have compiled a list of the top 6 extras you need on your holiday to give you those home comforts and to make the journey that little bit more relaxing. 

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash


It may seem strange to have facemasks at the top of the list however I believe it is one thing everyone forgets to bring with them as it is not really an essential. However if you are travelling to a hot destination you are more susceptible to dry skin and burning, your face is delicate and the skin on it needs to be protected at all costs. A facemask after a long day in the sun is not only soothing but it has benefits such as leaving the skin feeling moisturised, glowy and dewy, it is also great to use before you put your makeup on as it creates a smooth base for the makeup to stick to. They are also great on the plane if you are taking a long haul flight as the air on a plane can dehydrate the skin and leave it feeling dry. 

Travel Bottles

This may seem like an obvious accessory to have however it is one I always say I will bring and never do. If you are taking a short trip and do not want to be stuck with 3 kilos of your luggage wasted on a large bottle of shampoo then why not transfer what you need to smaller, travel sized bottles, use that 3 kilos you have saved for extra clothes! You can also get smaller tubs for moisturisers and body creams, and you can even buy small perfume dispensers so there is no chance of your favourite bottle of perfume being wasted. 

Hanging Toiletry Bag

I have recently invested in one of these bags for when I travel to different cities for a break and it is a game changer. I have always brought 2 or 3 toiletry bags with me and every time they take up half the space in my bag, which means I have to part with clothes or shoes. However having just one bag to fit all my toiletries means there is less space being wasted. The huge selling point of these bags are the handles so they can be left open and make it so much easier to reach and grab the products you need. I would recommend opting for a hanging bag with 2 or 3 compartments so you can categorise the products you are taking, making it easier for you when you hit the town.


2022 is the year of journaling and what better time to do it than when you are on holiday. With the popularity of instagram and facebook it can be easy to just take a few snapshots of your holiday and create a photo dump, however writing down the memories you have made can be an amazing gift to your future self to look back on. I would recommend picking a large notepad preferably A4, decorate the front cover and date it, then you can almost create a scrapbook of memories. Begin with writing the moments you most enjoy each day, maybe any special places you visited or new things you tried. You can then look back over this journal of happiness and be reminded of the wonderful time you had. It is so cheap to do but is such a great memory to have. 

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Washing Bag 

No one wants to think about cleaning or washing whilst they are on holiday, they are two reasons to get away. However the more prepared you are the easier it is to transition back to reality. I would recommend buying a small cloth bag to take in your suitcase and over duration of the holiday it can be filled with any washing you need to do, if you are super organised bring 2 or 3 bags as you can then separate them into colours so when you get home you can throw them straight in the washer without the burden of sorting them by colour. 

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