It’s official, we’re in ‘cycling staycation season’. According to staycation specialists, the autumn and spring months are the most popular times for a cycling holiday in the UK. The travel company has published the results of an independent survey* revealing over a third of us (40%) are cyclists. 

Cycling Holidays

Cycling Holidays

The poll also reveals that Gen Z (18-28 years) and Millennials (29 - 43 years) are more likely to prefer cycling during a staycation than Gen X (44 - 58 years). Those living in Yorkshire and Humberside (18%) are more likely to go on a cycling staycation – or bikeation – compared to those living in the East of England (3%).

So what is it about cycling that motivates us? At the top of the list, improving general health (34%), spending more time outdoors (28%), and the joy of exploring (23%) were the most common reasons that motivate people to cycle. Meanwhile, wanting to improve or maintain mental health (22%), losing weight (20%), a sense of adventure (19%) and because cycling reminds people of their childhood (13%) were other popular reasons for cycling.

We are of course a nation of foodies these days so there’s no surprise that 36% of cyclists are motivated by food or drink, to enjoy a swift gin and tonic or ale at the pub before embarking on the rest of their ride – and millennials (29-43 years) are the age bracket most likely to be motivated by food or drink during a cycling trip.

In terms of the most popular destinations for a cycling staycation, where would you rather go? Well, the Peak District, Scottish Highlands, and Penzance in Cornwall are the top three destinations Brits would go to for their ideal cycling break or staycation, according to Other popular options include, London, the Isle of Wight, the Lake District, and Norfolk. 

But who would you go on a cycling staycation with? A friend, a loved one or someone else? If you could pick any celebrity, who would you saddle up with? According to the travel company, the ‘cycling celebrity’ people would rather take on a cycling staycation includes Tom Hardy (12%), Kylie Minogue (12%) and Louis Theroux (10%)  - who topped the poll. People also said they would rather go on a cycling holiday with Elliot & ET (from ET, 1992), Simon Cowell or Lord Sugar (each 4%) rather than US President, Joe Biden or British PM, Rishi Sunak (both 3%).

John Crosby, Chief Operating Officer, at Awaze – the parent company of said,

“Popularity for cycling breaks continue to be seen across both Northern and Southern hotspots, with London and Isle of Wight listed higher in the polls than some might expect. Specifically, Gen Z and Millennials are rapidly redefining holidays, edging away from traditional ‘stay and lay’ trips abroad and instead opting for activity staycations packed with adventure. It’s clear the trend for staycations continues with increasingly more Brits opting to ‘get away’ on two wheels.” 

Many of self-catering properties include bike stores, information about local cycle routes, and of course, the all-important hot tub so cycling holiday-makers can soak their tired limbs after a day exploring.

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