PS3 All Stars

PS3 All Stars

THQ announce the FREE Honkey Tonk Man DLC and the Xbox Live Avatar collection. Release date will follow shortly after WWE All Stars in late April.

Due to the ‘huge success’ of the Facebook fantasy warfare app, THQ have announced that none other than the Honkey Tonk Man will be available for free download; for anyone who purchases WWE All Stars on the Xbox360 or PS3.

Adding The Honkey Tonk Man to this already impressive roster, only slightly peaks our interest in this game, but the over the top action that THQ promise is looking entertaining to say the least.

The announcement comes alongside the reveal of the avatar outfits for XBL... poor PSN users won’t be able to dress up as their all time favourite wrestler. Well they can, but in the comfort of their own home (probably using their mums tights).

According to THQ The avatar collection includes the following:
·         Hulkamania outfit
·         Macho Man Randy Savage outfit
·         Million Dollar Belt prop
·         Pall Bearer Urn prop
·         Ultimate Warrior Mask
·         And more, 12 items total!

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