We take a look back at some of our favourite moments from the hilarious and heartwarming sitcom Friends.

Friends - One of the most loved sitcom's of all time

Friends - One of the most loved sitcom's of all time

Ross’s tan

If he wasn’t whitening his teeth, he was excessively tanning - and every joke that’s been made when we’ve ever fake tanned since has been based on this unforgettable Ross Geller moment.

When the paleontologist envied Monica’s spray tan, he couldn’t resist going for one himself. And, we all know what happened. But if you didn’t see it, here it is…

Joey’s lipstick ad

Joey’s acting career always provided us with some classic moments throughout the ten seasons of our favourite show. One of the greatest had to be his Ichiban advert.

Breaking down the ‘rules’ of masculinity, Joey was the face of a blue lipstick campaign for men - but only in Japan...

Monica and Chandler’s engagement photo

Chandler’s self-deprecating humour shines through when he agrees to go for a professional photoshoot with Monica, so they can have their engagement officially announced in the paper.

But in true Chandler style, he struggles to master a smile for the perfect shot...

We hate to imagine what he would be like with a selfie stick!

Joey’s wedding speech

Joey Tribbiani could be the greatest character on any show, ever…

When he made a speech at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, there were so many things that were wrong (yet simultaneously perfect).

First of all, we can’t ignore that tennis kit he’s wearing. Whilst everybody else is wearing a tuxedo or a beautiful dress, Joey has no shame in walking around head-to-toe in sportswear.

And then there’s the words that come out of his mouth… The speech doubles up as a casting audition for Joey, which explains the bizarre content of his toast. Even though it’s super weird, we kind of secretly hope a Joey turns up to our own wedding purely for the comedy factor…

Phoebe’s singing

Phoebe has many bizarre talents, and as the seasons go on we learn more and more about her but almost feel like we don’t know her at all. Her unpredictability, one-liners and crazy song lyrics all make for a hilariously lovable character.

Who doesn’t know all the words to Smelly Cat - seriously? We still love this moment where all the Friends get on board with Phoebe’s bonkers performance of Smelly Cat.

Rachel is pregnant

When Rachel finds out she is pregnant, like any good friend would, Phoebe pretends she's pregnant so Rachel can keep her secret a little bit longer.

All of this makes for fantastic viewing particularly when Phoebe’s tale about her mystery lover spirals, even after Monica finds out...

Rachel gets of the plane

This has to be one of the most memorable scenes from any television show, ever. You don’t need to be a huge fan of Friends to get all the feels from this scene.

We’re not crying - you are.

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