Friends has made such a big impact in pop-culture since its very first episode all the way back in 1994. With an amazing star cast, the show has definitely left its mark – but what about some of the cameos that starred in either just one episode, or stayed for a few?

The Friends main cast credit NBC

The Friends main cast credit NBC

Bruce Willis

Everyone knows Bruce Willis, right? Star of the Die Hard franchise among many other things, his cameo sent the audience absolutely wild!

Willis stared in the popular sitcom as Paul Stevens, the father of a student who Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) dates in season six with the episode titled ‘The one where Ross meets Elizabeth’s dad’, and a few more after that.

Willis is in a few episodes of the show, and even dates Rachel (Jenifer Aniston) for a while before she dumps him for being such a cry-baby…

His cameo was brilliantly sarcastic and witty, and was said to have appeared on the show because he lost a bet to Matthew Perry who played Chandler – however others say that he did a cameo because Willis and Perry thought it would be fun, which it was!

Anna Farris

Throughout a few episodes in season 10, Farris plays the dim-witted Erika, the woman who will be giving Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler (Perry) her child once it is born.

Monica and Chandler have been trying to have a baby for a while once Farris appears on the show; this makes for such a heart-warming cameo as Monica and Erika really bond, and you can see how much Erika means to the couple.

Farris was a perfect choice for Erika, and as a pretty well-known actress (especially now) she definitely made her mark with her intelligence matching that of one Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), noted by Chandler when he states that it’s a shame that Joey and Erika “didn’t get to spend more time together.”

Brad Pitt

Starring in one season eight episode titled ‘The One with the Rumour’, Pitt’s plays high-school friend to Monica, Will Colbert. This episode delighted audiences with his fantastic cameo.

Will despises Rachel, and even lets slip that him and Ross were in a ‘I hate Rachel Green’ club back in high-school. Pitt’s reaction to when Rachel enters Monica’s flat is hilarious, with Rachel thinking he has a “smouldering look going on”, when in fact he really just hates her.

Rumour has it (ha, rumour) that Pitt would often come to set with his wife at the time, Jenifer Anniston, but tried to keep away from the audience in case they saw him. He appeared in an episode anyway and it’s a good job he did!

Reese Witherspoon

Starring as one of Rachel’s two sisters, Witherspoon plays the spoiled sister Jill in two consecutive season six episodes.

Her cameo is not only funny and wonderful as expected, but her flirting with Ross makes Rachel a little jealous. Witherspoon’s cameo is sadly short-lived but perfect, nevertheless as Jill is the typical spoiled sibling; acting like a teenager and still living off her father’s money – until their father sends Jill to see Rachel and “learn the value of money from the one daughter he’s actually proud of.”

Aniston and Witherspoon work wonderfully together in these two episodes, as well as Schwimmer’s nervous yet excited demeaner playing into how weird him and Rachel’s sister going out is.

Tom Selleck

Playing the handsome Doctor Richard Burke, Selleck appears in quite a few episodes from season two to season six as Monica’s love interest.

Selleck is a very important (and rather charming) cameo in the show, as he and Monica (despite him being 21 years older than her) fall in love. The couple start to doubt their relationship when Monica wants to have children, but Richard has kids and grandchildren of his own so the pair break up.

The couple find it hard to adjust as we see Monica moping around her apartment and feeling the loss of her lover. This cameo is wonderful because despite Richard being a wonderful character, Chandler (who marries Monica) is a much better match for her anyway.

Jeff Goldblum

The star of Jurassic Park makes a brilliant and lively cameo in season nine as Leonard Hayes, a legendary director who Joey tries desperately to impress.

Goldblum’s energy and confidence radiates through his character, and makes many fans smile every time. His small part in the show makes a big impact as Joey genuinely loves him and his work – which isn’t said much as Joey tends to be off in the clouds a lot…

His pure joy with Joey’s performance and how proud he appears to be of the actor is quite sweet, and you can see how much his words impact Joey.

Winona Ryder

Another memorable cameo is Ryder playing Melissa Warburton, a sorority sister of Rachel’s.

Melissa asks Rachel to dinner, and while telling her friends how she knows her, Rachel lets loose that she and Melissa once kissed (you can imagine how happy Joey is). Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) really doesn’t believe Rachel as she think she’s a little “vanilla”.

Rachel brings Phoebe to dinner to prove she’s right, but when Melissa denies it Rachel starts to look like a bit of a liar so Rachel kisses Melissa. The cameo begins to become a twist in the story as Melissa declares her love for Rachel!

Rachel rejects Melissa politely and there you go – Rachel isn’t so “vanilla” after all!

George Clooney

Another small cameo only lasting for one scene, but Clooney’s performance was quite a shock for audiences!

Clooney plays a charming Doctor when Monica and Rachel are in the ER – his cameo is utterly hilarious as the girls must swap identities so Rachel can use Monica’s insurance after injuring herself.

Clooney’s appearance is a fan favourite just because it’s him, as nothing comes from his cameo, but it is brilliant to see him in the show!

Gary Oldman

Oldman stars alongside LeBlanc in season seven with the episodes about Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

His cameo is fantastic, as he plays an actor who spits when he annunciates… gross but funny, trust me. When Joey learns he is working the day of the wedding, he must hurry to finish his one scene and make it in time, the only issue is that Richard Crosby (Oldman) is hammered.

His drunk acting is just brilliant as he clearly cannot act in that state, and not only wears “two belts” but is also seen trying to cut a steak with his prop sword, asking Joey “you wouldn’t happen to have a very big fork, would you?”

Paul Rudd

We all know Paul Rudd now as Ant-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but before he saved the world he saved Phoebe Buffay (aww).

Mike Hannigan (Rudd) is roped into going on a double date with Phoebe – however Joey forgot he was supposed to bring a friend for Phoebe, so ran into Central Perk shouting “Mike!?”, and that’s how Mike and Phoebe met.

After a rocky road in life, Rudd’s performance as Mike is truly important for Phoebe’s character. He made a wonderful addition to the cast, and his sarcastic and witty personality won over many fans and despite Phoebe leaving David (Hank Azaria) for Mike, we can perhaps all agree that Phoebe and Mike were meant to be together.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal