The release of Bridgerton Series 3, Part 2 on Netflix has seen fans celebrating the latest instalment of the beloved period drama in extravagant ways. This season, hailed as the most popular yet, continues to captivate audiences with its blend of romance, intrigue, and opulent settings.

In an extraordinary display of fandom, Londoners have turned to Airtasker, a local services marketplace, to bring a touch of Bridgerton magic to their lives. Among the most talked-about requests is that of Danait, 20, from North London. Determined to make a grand entrance at a friend's Bridgerton viewing party, she posted a task offering £180 for two people to carry her in a Sedan chair, emulating a royal entourage.

The Bridgeton Sedan Chair

The "Pick-up and Delivery" category on Airtasker is typically one of the top three task categories in London, but Danait's request has given it a whole new meaning. She aimed to create an unforgettable experience, and her call was answered by George E., 23, from Chesham, and Michael G., 34, from Wiltshire. Both men donned regency attire and embraced their roles as Dukes for the evening.

"This sounds awesome! I’d love to do this task for you, the Bridgerton style is very cool," George, a part-time model and professional boxer, commented on the task posting. "I can bring a friend to assist. Available on the date and will make sure you make a great entrance!"

Bridgerton Arrive in style

Danait's request is just one example of the Bridgerton fever gripping the city. Other fans have also turned to Airtasker with their Bridgerton-themed desires. Faith S. is offering £100 for a Colin Bridgerton look-alike to attend a fancy-dress party with her and Jessica E. is offering £120 for a bespoke Bridgerton dress to be made.

The Bridgerton phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down, and with Season 4 confirmed and in the works, it’s likely the fans will find ever more inventive ways to celebrate their favourite series.

A fan arrives in stye
A fan arrives in stye

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