Fans of Bates Motel are being encouraged to check in on Norman Bates, in the brand new first look teaser trailer for the fifth season of the show.

The A&E original series is based on Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho, but focuses on a younger Norman Bates who’s living in the motel with his mother. For the first time, viewers are able to see the events prior to Norman’s psychosis in Psycho, and at the end of season 4 some major happenings took place which should really catapult the show forward.

The promo sees the Bates Motel looking more out of touch than ever before. Following the (spoiler alert!) death of Norman’s mother Norma, it seems as if no one is currently taking care of the motel.

In season five, we’ll see Isabelle McNally and Austin Nichols join the cast as new couple Madeleine and Sam Loomis. Sheriff Dana Greene is another new character, played by Grey’s Anatomy and Ray Donovan actor Brooke Smith.

As the new members of the community become more entangled in Norman’s life than they could ever have wanted, just where will their lives end up after Norman’s claws sink in?

Bates Motel returns to A&E in the US in February and to Universal Channel in the UK soon after.

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