As the year continues to fly by we now find ourselves in April, and with that of course comes a slew of great television for us to enjoy. Here are just 5 Things You Should Be Watching On TV This April

(NOTE: All dates given are for UK premieres. US likely differs.)

5. Outcast, Season 2 (Starts April 3 on FOX UK)

Robert Kirkman brings his mysterious protagonist Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) back to the small screen, showcasing more of his journey as he’s plagued by demonic possession and continues his adventure to discover exactly why he was chosen. Could this second season see him get a hold of the ‘normal’ life he so desires? We highly doubt it, but we expect it to be hugely entertaining no matter what.

4. The Get Down, Part 2 (Comes to Netflix on April 7)

Chronicling the musical evolution from disco to hip hop that defined 1970s New York City, The Get Down returns to conclude its first offering, telling the stories of some of the most infectious and likeable characters of television’s modern day offerings. Bringing not only great drama performances but incredible musical pieces, this is a must-see – just make sure you’ve seen Part 1 first!

3. Prison Break, Season 5 (Starts April 10 on FOX UK)

Despite leaving the air in 2009, Prison Break has found new life in a fifth season that proves Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) actually never died. In fact, he’s found himself behind bars once more in one of the world’s most dangerous and infamous prisons, and if he’s going to escape with his life, he’s going to have to call upon some of his old friends (and enemies) to help. We can’t wait to see what the original cast and creators of this one have up their sleeves this time.

2. Bates Motel, Season 5 (Starts April 11 on Universal Channel)

Serving as the prequel to the iconic horror movie Psycho, Bates Motel has brought some of the best dramatic performances to the small screen of the past few years. With Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his now-deceased mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) bringing their TV tale to a close, we get some final episodes that will even broach the scenes that made the movie famous. Rihanna guest stars in this last outing.

1. Pretty Little Liars (Starts April 19 on Netflix)

Another show meeting its end this spring is Pretty Little Liars, as the girls finally discover just who has been tormenting them ever since they realised their first ‘A’ tormentor was CeCe Drake. Will their lives ever be the same? Probably not, but we sure do love watching them suffer for our entertainment!


Other big shows coming to screens this April include Better Call Saul, Doctor Who, Mr. Robot and many more! What are you most excited to see? Let us know!

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