Donna Air can’t “figure out” how her TV career was predicted by a ouija board.

Donna Air can’t ‘figure out’ how her TV career was predicted by a ouija board

Donna Air can’t ‘figure out’ how her TV career was predicted by a ouija board

The actress, 44, is set to make her West End debut in London in the paranormal thriller ‘2:22 A Ghost Story’ after years on TV on MTV and ‘Byker Grove’ alongside the young Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, both 48.

She told the Daily Mail: “Have I ever seen a ghost? No. But I did go through a spell when I was younger of doing the ouija board.

“That kind of blew my mind.”

Donna’s Mail profile said she and her friends would “put their hands on the upturned glass in the middle of the board” and ask the spirits to “make it spell out a word”.

The former presenter added: “The first time I did it I was quite young and it spelled out ‘Beelzebub’.

“I didn’t even know that was another name for the Devil, let alone how to spell it.

“(Then someone told me) so I was like, ‘Oh s***!’

Donna said she and her pals went on to tease the spirit they thought they had raised by placing a glass on the ouija board and asking poltergeists to use it to spell out the answers to highly personal questions.

She added: “The ouija board once spelt out M-T-V, which was really freaky.”

Donna presented for the music video channel until two years after she left ‘Byker Grove’ in 1995.

She added: “Yeah, I swear. I can’t figure it all out. I’ve just got to learn my lines!”

Donna said about appearing on London’s West End: “I certainly am not as nervous as I would have been ten or 20 years ago. Everything’s in perspective. I take my job seriously, but it’s a show.

“Nobody’s dying – we’re not saving lives. I don’t see the point of getting stressed. I forgot how much I love acting.”