Dynamo says his new show is a "journey" of his "recovery".



The 35-year-old magician has recently been battling arthritis and Crohn's disease, and admits he has felt "grounded" after his health issues, and also had to start magic again following his hit series 'Magician Impossible'.

Speaking about his upcoming comeback show at the Mandrake Hotel later this month, Dynamo - whose real name is Steven Frayne - told The Times: "I mean, it sounds a bit weird to say this, but it looks like the inside of my mind from the last eight months. It's a journey of, like, I guess, my recovery.

"I feel a duty to be honest, but also I feel I can be myself. It's very easy when you get to a certain level to become complacent.

"Sometimes you need bad experiences in life to ground you, and you almost have to start again.

"When I did 'Magician Impossible' I was still a boy. I was a young man. Now I've had these experiences and I'm married man and I'm a grown-up."

The magician confessed that leaving fans flabbergasted with his magic is the "best" feeling because it allows him to "break through scepticism".

He added: "It's about the audience collectively working to show things that, you know, you might not have known previously. That's the perfect word. Mesmerism and leaving people mesmerised is for me one of the best parts about magic.

"It is an art form. For me it is. I think about it in the same way an artist would when they create a masterpiece. I think of each individual effect in a same way that a musician composes a track."

"Yes, and I think it is about breaking through all the scepticism. When you're a child you don't know how anything works. You believe everything is magical."

In April, Dynamo revealed he had developed arthritis due to his ongoing battle with Crohn's disease, putting his career in doubt.

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