Florence Pugh says naked scenes were banned from 'The Little Drummer Girl'.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

The new BBC One spy thriller - which sees the 22-year-old actress star opposite Alexander Starsgard - won't be as racy as some of the channel's other dramas, including 'The Night Manager' and 'The Bodyguard', because of its US audience.

She told Radio Times magazine: "America is quite scared of bums and nipples. We had to make sure there were no bums and nipples out. I don't know why. Such strange people."

Florence admitted it caused some issues during filming, particularly during one scene in which the two stars were "under the duvet".

She explained: "There was one scene we did where Alex and I were under the duvet and supposedly naked. I was wriggling down one end and Alex is wriggling down the other.

"Halfway through, I hear: 'Cut! Cut!' Director Park says, 'Florence, you've got to hide your nipples more!' I'm like, 'OK!'

"So we do it again, and again I hear: 'Cut! Cut! Florence - it looks like you're hiding your nipples.' I'm like, 'Arrrgh! Just let me get my breasts out, I don't care!' But America does care."

The star was brought up watching "lots of European films", and she has never seen nudity as something to be ashamed of.

She added: "My parents were very cool and made sure we watched lots of European films when we grew up, so nudity has never been a problem for me, as long as it's done beautifully.

"There's a reason why there's a problem with bodies and it's because you never actually get to see any normal versions of them."

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