Ulrika Jonsson has confessed to not knowing what she was talking about during her stint as a weather girl.

Ulrika Jonsson was clueless during stint as weather girl

Ulrika Jonsson was clueless during stint as weather girl

The 54-year-old TV presenter presented the weather news on 'TV-am' between 1989 and 1992, before going on to host 'Gladiators', and during Tuesday night's (08.02.22) episode of 'Celebs Go Dating', Ulrika admitted she was clueless about meteorology.

The E4 reality show's receptionist Tom Read Wilson asked her: "So, how much do you have to know about meteorology?"

To which, she replied: "The weather presenters you have on the BBC and ITV are trained meteorologists but I was a weather girl so I didn't really understand what I was saying!"

Narrator Rob Beckett then joked: "What's next? The gladiators weren't real gladiators!"

Ulrika joined the show as she is desperate to meet a man who will treat her as a “normal person”.

The TV star signed up to the programme three years after her divorce from third husband Brian Monetin, to try to give her chances of finding love a boost.

She told BANG Showbiz: “At some point it would be nice to have someone in my life.

“But when dating It’s a weird thing when they know more about you then you know about yourself and they’re telling you about yourself.

“There is an imbalance there and you basically want to find somebody who’s not phased by who you are, who just treats you like a normal person so you’re on an even playing field.”

Ulrika also admitted she is a big fan of dating apps, but she is still learning how to "sort the wheat from the chaff".

She added: “Dating apps are not an organic way of meeting people at all but they are the modern way.

“I don’t go out, so unless you’re putting yourself out there then it’s hard to meet people.

“You meet people when you go to work or whatever, I don’t go into an office five days a week. I don’t come into contact with different people. So it is definitely a numbers game. I think you've got to learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff.”

Ulrika - who has been married three times - previously admitted she was "enjoying" being single, but she wanted to get "back on track" with the help of 'Celebs Go Dating'.

She said: "Three years ago I got divorced, I hadn't anticipated being single at my age. I'm enjoying it but I look forward to working with Anna and Paul, I'm sure they will have me back on track to finding love in no time."

'Celebs Go Dating' series airs Monday to Thursday on E4.

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