Gabby Logan has opened up about her sex life with husband Kenny, after he had his prostate removed.

Gabby Logan shares candid update on sex life

Gabby Logan shares candid update on sex life

Former rugby international Kenny, 52, was diagnosed with cancer in cancer in February 2022 and later had surgery and Gabby revealed she and Kenny decided to record a candid episode of 'The Mid Point' podcast, to inform people of the potential side effects, such as erectile dysfunction.

Gabby told 'The Chris Evans Breakfast Show' on Virgin Radio: "It's Kenny and I talking frankly about what was going to happen.

"Because there is a big risk of functionality and not being there.

"'Erectile function can be massively affected and it might not come back. Kenny was very lucky and eventually it did, but it took a while. His wife wasn't as patient as she might have been.

"I think the reason why I wanted to talk about it candidly was because, of course, if you've been together with somebody for a long time, and that's a big part of your relationship then it is something that is going to affect the dynamics.

"'It's huge. I'm trying not to use the wrong words. It's huge. He was obviously wanting us to be the couple that we were before and obviously was facing up to this potential huge physical change."

Kenny and Gabby have been married for over 22 years and have two children together and he previously spoke about the impact his illness and treatment had on him.

He told The Telegraph: "Whether it be my dyslexia, my relationship, IVF, we’ve always been quite open. So, I was quite happy to talk about erectile dysfunction and all these other things because I was like, 'It is a symptom'.

"From a sexual point of view, it’s not consistent. As the surgeon said to me, this could take 18 months.

"Within a month, I was getting movement, where he says, 'That’s amazing'. So it’s just not as consistent. The beauty is you can take a tablet and it changes things."

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