‘Gladiators’ star Wolf wants his son to join the show's upcoming reboot.

Gladiators star Wolf’s son wants to join the upcoming reboot

Gladiators star Wolf’s son wants to join the upcoming reboot

The 90s television icon - whose real name is Michael Van Wijk - would love to see his lookalike boy Dean take part in the reimagined version of the Saturday night classic, and Dean has applied to be in the programme to follow in his father's footsteps.

But the 70-year-old television personality insists his 34-year-old lad wouldn’t be a patch on his old man.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' via video link alongside his son, Wolf said: "To be honest I could do all the games comfortably.

"I would also like to be like you guys and be a co presenter as well. I have never missed a show in the whole eight series."

After being asked who would come out on top between them, the father-and-son duo both answered: “Definitely me.”

Wolf added: "We train at different gyms but we are very very competitive.”

Dean - who lives in New Zealand, like his dad - admits he would go by the alias ‘Wolf Cub’ if he could compete on the programme.

He said: "I’ve always wanted to wear Lycra and chase people around.”

Wolf admitted Dean has what it takes to succeed in the series.

He said: “I believe he can take the contenders to shreds like I used to.”

The news that the show was coming back to screens was broken earlier this summer.

A rep for the BBC said: "'Gladiators' is a format that resonates with viewers worldwide. We are thrilled to bring this revered series to the BBC and can’t wait to introduce our UK Gladiators."

Dan Baldwin, one of the show’s producers, added: "What other show combines electric excitement, superheroes, giant sponge fingers, elite athletes, and a pinch of pantomime? Watch out for the new breed of superhuman, supersized superstars bursting on to your screens on BBC One and iPlayer."

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