Graham Norton is visited by the spirit of his late dog Bailey.

Graham Norton is haunted by the spirit of late pet pooch

Graham Norton is haunted by the spirit of late pet pooch

The talk show host suffered double heartbreak during lockdown 2020, after his beloved labradoodle Bailey died shortly after his rescue terrier Madge passed away.

He said: "Even now, a few years later, I will hear the click of his little nails on the floor or think I’ll catch sight of him out of the corner of my eye.

"But I’m so happy that he was in my life for all of that time because there’s something, no matter how you’re feeling, a dog, the thump of their tail, they are the consummate experts at living in the moment."

But Graham is pleased that his pet pooches got to spend their last days in his native Ireland.

He is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I'm really pleased they both got their final days in Ireland because that’s where they were happiest.

"Bailey was a very old, big dog and even on the morning he died he was down in the stream drinking and barking.

"Their lives were full even to the end."

The 59-year-old TV presenter had initially planned to visit Ireland for a month, but he ended staying for four-and-a-half months when lockdown struck.

Graham previously opened up about the tragic loss of his pets.

He said: "He was 15. He was Bailey the Bear, he had a lovely last day down drinking his fill out of the stream.

"He was on his last legs, he wasn't very mobile or anything. He had a seizure, and I took him up to the emergency place up in Cork and we said goodbye. I was so glad we got him back here.

"It was dramatic and awful and yet anyone who has done this knows, that moment when you get to give your dog that gift is kind ... it's kind of the greatest act of kindness you can do for that animal.

"My little terrier, Madge, she went at Christmas, but again, lovely that they got back to Ireland which is their favourite place in the world."

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