Yesterday (February 18th, 2022), ITV released the trailer for brand new four-part drama, which is based on talk show host Graham Norton’s bestselling book of the same name. 

Holding will debut on ITV next month (March, 2022), and has a very unique and intriguing narrative behind it. 

The series will be set in the fictional village of Duneed, West Cork, right on the edge of Ireland. It is a place with its own personality, climate and wonders. 

Holding was written by Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Karen Cogan, and is set to introduce audiences to an unconventional, interesting world that is rarely seen by those who don't live in or around Ireland. 

The series will also be directed by Kathy Burke, who played Linda in hit TV show, Gimme Gimme Gimme

Each and every character has their own secrets, pasts and personalities; having the show told through these amazing characters will be just one reason why Holding is sure to captivate viewers immediately. 

Holding is also an intense and gripping murder mystery; one that unveils itself with a rather dark yet humorous undertone in addition to themes of grief, community, family, and of course, love. 

Holding will land on ITV in March 2022 / Picture Credit: ITV
Holding will land on ITV in March 2022 / Picture Credit: ITV

When the body of a long-lost local man, Tommy Burke, is found, PJ (Conleth Hill) is called in to solve his first ever major crime; he must force himself to connect with the place he has tried hard to steer clear of. 

The cast of Holding also includes Siobhán McSweeney (Derry Girls, Nowhere Special, Anthony) as vulnerable, messy Bríd Riordan; Bríd had been due to marry Tommy before his untimely disappearance, whilst Charlene McKenna (Peaky Blinders, Vienna Blood, Bloodlands) is youthful, Evelyn Ross. The two women are at the heart of the community, but no one is above suspicion. 

Helen Behan (Elizabeth is Missing, The Virtues, This is England ’90) stars as Evelyn’s eldest sister Abigail, the sensible one who has brought up her two younger sisters after the passing of their parents when they were young. 

Amy Conroy (The South Westerlies) plays middle sister Florence; feeling taken for granted, she’s in a relationship with Susan, the headmistress at the school where she teaches, and is planning a new life, away from her sisters. 

Holding will debut on ITV in March, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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