Jack Tweed has warned Bobby Brazier about taking part in 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Jack Tweed warns Bobby Brazier about Big Brother

Jack Tweed warns Bobby Brazier about Big Brother

Amid reports that Bobby, 20, is set to follow in his late mother, Jade Goody's footsteps by taking part in the reality TV show, her widower Jack warned Bobby about how it affected her life.

Jack told The Daily Mail: "My advice would be to stay well clear. It is not worth it. Me and Jade did not have a great experience. It ended in disaster. It caused a lot of problems. If they asked me what I think having been on it myself I would say avoid it.

"It's very hard to trust people in that industry. I found people constantly trying to turn you over and out to get you for their own benefit. It's the nature of the beast. A lot of people were going behind Jade's back to make money from her. It's about greed. That world is full of snakes."

Jade was a breakout star of 'Big Brother' in 2022 and returned to the franchise for 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007.

However, her image was tarnished after she became caught up in a race row during her second stint on the show.

Meanwhile, Jack previously insisted that Jade would be "bursting with pride" at seeing Bobby take part in 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The reality TV star passed away after in 2009 at the age of 27 following a battle with cervical cancer and Jack told The Sun: "For someone so young he has already achieved so much. Bobby has modelled for Dolce Gabbana and all the top brands.

"Then he went on to get a job on 'EastEnders' and now he’s appearing on 'Strictly'. Seeing Bobby grow into such a nice young man has been a lovely thing to see.

"He is absolutely smashing it. Jade would be bursting with pride.”

Jack revealed Jade was a 'Strictly' superfan, so seeing her son - who she shared with former partner Jeff Brazier - competing on the show, would have been a dream come true.

He said: "Jade absolutely loved dancing shows like 'Strictly'.

“She was really talented and an amazing singer. She won TV’s 'Stars In Their Eyes' in 2006 because of how great her voice was.

“Anything Jade put her mind to, she would be amazing at it. She would have won 'Strictly' if she’d had the chance, and Bobby’s just like her.

“Whatever he puts his mind to, he achieves it.”