Jane McDonald is returning for a new series of 'Celebrity Gogglebox'.

Jane McDonald is returning to Celebrity Gogglebox

Jane McDonald is returning to Celebrity Gogglebox

The 61-year-old star admitted it was a no brainer for her and friend Sue Ravey to agree to be filmed for the show again because they're only asked to do what they'd be doing if there was no cameras watching them anyway.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: “We have just said yes to doing the show again. It’s the best gig ever. It’s easy. We just drink wine and eat crisps. That’s what we do normally. So for us it’s great.”

Jane is delighted the programme has introduced the world to her friend.

She said: “Sue is hilarious. I’m so glad I’ve got her in front of a camera because she’s so funny. So I am thrilled to bits that we are doing the show again.”

And the singer-and-presenter is thrilled 'Celebrity Gogglebox' has brought her her own new legion of fans.

She added: “The show helps me reach a different audience, which is great.”

Other stars set to appear on the show when it returns in the summer are Bobby Brazier and his dad Jeff and brother Freddie.

Jane lost her fiancé Eddie Rothe to lung cancer in April 2021, and she recently paid tribute to her female friends, including housemate Sue, for helping her through her grief.

She said on 'Lorraine': “It's that purpose thing again. You know, my life is different now to what it was and my plans have all changed now to what they were.

"I have a great group of girlfriends that I go out with a lot, we go on holiday together.

"I laugh again and there's that one moment when you look in the mirror and you think, ‘I know you’."