Jeremy Vine has cold showers in the mornings to ensure he stays away long enough to present his Channel 5 and Radio 2 shows.

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine

The 56-year-old TV presenter has a crack of dawn start to his busy day, fronting both the Channel 5 morning topical panel show ‘Jeremy Vine’ and his noon 'BBC Radio 2' show, and he requires a blast of freezing water to keep him alert throughout the day.

He told the Metro newspaper: “The two things I find that keep me awake in the day are a very cold shower in the morning and cycling back and forth. So I’m awake. I’m here. I’m fully present.”

Jeremy has hosted his radio slot for nearly as long as he had been married to BBC News journalist Rachel Schofield, 19 years, to which he feels "very lucky" for both.

The star plays the drums and goes out on his old-style bicycle to relax, and he also spends time with his children, Martha and Anna.

He said: “I played the drums when I was a teenager. And there on the wall is my penny farthing bicycle so I go out on that.

“I’ve got teenage daughters and hanging out with them is the best thing ever. I’m taking one on a trip to Belfast this month. I asked her what she wanted to see. She said, ‘I want to see the places where they filmed ‘Line of Duty’."

One of his daughters has also shown musical prowess by picking up the guitar, and he is keen to form a group with her,

But his suggestion has been swiftly rejected.

He said: "She says, ‘Do you seriously think I’m the kind of person who would form a band with my dad on drums? Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?’ "

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