Television these days is getting broader and with new shows coming out all the time, how are you supposed to know what to watch?

Check out this list of five exceptional shows all with a perfect first episode that showcases their potential.

Big Mouth

Maya Rudolph voices Connie and Nick Kroll voices Maury in Big Mouth Season 4 / Picture Credit: Netflix
Maya Rudolph voices Connie and Nick Kroll voices Maury in Big Mouth Season 4 / Picture Credit: Netflix

Big Mouth is an animated show that follows a group of young teenagers as they go through puberty – with the help of a humorous hormone monster and monstress.

The show’s first episode kind of throws you into the deep end, with immediate talk about genitals and probably too much detail about Nick’s (Nick Kroll) birth – in front of his friend Andrew (John Mulaney),.

You see Andrew’s, well, penis, within the first five minutes of the show and it is honestly rather hilarious, and this is just the first episode!

The episode just keeps going with dirty jokes, TMI and pure comedy as we are introduced to Maury (also Nick Kroll) the hormone monster who, as the name does suggest, is just horny all the time. It’s essentially his job to make the kids he works with feel the same.

It’s a brilliant first episode and definitely makes you want to watch more as you’re slapped in the face with everything going on – first kisses between friends, sexually awkward dances in the school hall, this first episode has it all.

The Walking Dead

A show many are familiar with, possibly due to the outstanding first episode that felt like the start of a fantastic horror film.

The episode follows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he wakes up in a hospital wearing a gown, with absolutely no idea what is going on.

As the viewer, you go through the journey of discovery with Rick in real-time, as he wonders aimlessly down dirty and wrecked hallways.

As first episodes go, this one is pure genius. As the show’s title, The Walking Dead suggests, Rick is not alone. Zombies are lurking.

Even years after this episode aired, many (even people who may not have seen the episode) remember its brilliance and the iconic ‘bicycle girl’ zombie whose lower half isn’t with her anymore. The episode does everything right and will leave you wanting to binge on more.

Doom Patrol

Perhaps one of the strangest shows DC has to offer, Doom Patrol’s first episode was actually rather brilliant.

While quite a few shows out there make audiences wait for origin stories and to find out how the characters ended up where they are – this show does the opposite.

We find out why Rita (April Bowlby) goes all… gooey when she’s stressed, we find out why Cliff (Brendan Fraser) is now a brain in a robot body, and we discover what happened to Larry (Matt Bomer) and why he’s all wrapped up in bandages.

Each of the characters mentioned so far all have their hang-ups about their lives and situations, and each of them has some form of sarcastic defence mechanism – especially Cliff whose aggressive humour cracks you up more than you’d probably care to admit.

For a first episode of a new show to simply show us everything is mighty bold, but it works for this show, as there is so much this weird and wacky series has to offer – like how in the world a whole town can be swallowed by a donkey?

The Haunting of Hill House

Elizabeth Reaser in The Haunting of Hill House / Photo Credit: Netflix
Elizabeth Reaser in The Haunting of Hill House / Photo Credit: Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House is perhaps one of the best horror shows that television has to offer.

The intrigue and the want to watch more of this series comes from its calm nature. Despite the horrifying things that occur, and the tragedies that shroud the Crain family, the lack of fast-pacing and even action scenes lure you into a false sense of security.

The first episode allows the viewer to get to grips with the Crain siblings and show you them as children and them as adults. It shows you things you may not understand, and things you want to know more about, such as Luke (Julian Hillard as young Luke, Oliver Cohen plays Luke as an adult) who, as a child, is so sweet and kind, but as an adult struggles with drugs and is in and out of rehab.

You won’t be left wondering whether to continue watching The Haunting of Hill House will upon the first episode’s conclusion. It’s such a stunning show with mesmerising characters that you’ll be instantly hooked on.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A show well-known to many, thanks to its fantastic and witty first episode.

With its debut, we see Jake (Andy Samberg), a detective in the NYPD, tackle a break-in at an electronics store in the most unprofessional manner possible – which of course makes for great viewing.

Sergeant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) introduces the squad to the audience by telling their new Captain, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher), a little about each detective in his team.

Everything Terry says about his squad of course makes you laugh, but leaves you wanting to see more of the antics that each character depicts. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Trugilo) stands out right away, not that the other characters aren’t brilliant – but Boyle is something else.

He is a grown man following Jake about like a puppy and while this can seem endearing, it’s really just like having an over-excited toddler in the NYPD.

The episode definitely exercises comedy in a great way; something which continues every episode after. The clever ways the team solve the crimes they are up against with a can-do attitude is relatable and immersive; what more could you ask for?

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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