Miquita Oliver had an "intense" relationship with her mum growing up.

Miquita Oliver always felt as if she and single mum Andi were part of a team

Miquita Oliver always felt as if she and single mum Andi were part of a team

The 39-year-old presenter is the daughter of TV chef Andi Oliver, 60, and explained that because she was brought up in a single-parent family, they have always been part of a "team".

Speaking on ITV1's 'Lorraine', she told stand-in host Ranvir Singh: "We've always been a team, it's a single mum family. When it's a mum and a daughter and it's just the mum bringing the daughter up - or a son - it's an intense way to grow up so you are already a team.

"We have a kind of strange thing because I became a broadcaster first as a teenager on 'Popworld' when I was 15. My mum was always doing bits of TV but she only came into this stratospheric part of her career in the last five years. She was always cooking, I don't think we use the word chef. "

The podcast host went on to add that she would not take any advice from her mother during her adolescent years when she entered the public eye but feels "very lucky" to have been best friends with 'Smile' hitmaker Lily Allen all her life as she explained that it "really helped" that they found fame together.

She added: "I wasn't interested in any advice, I was like 'I've got this!' I think having my best friend Lily, her becoming a big pop star really helped. We've known each other since we were born. Having a best friend go through it in an even more intense way was really amazing. Now we're both in our late thirties - which is an age that we never thought we'd get to - and we're still holding each other's hands through having careers and having public lives. I feel very lucky that I have that."