‘Never Mind the Buzzocks’ is returning for a second series on Sky.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which features Greg Davies, has been recommissioned for a second series on Sky

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which features Greg Davies, has been recommissioned for a second series on Sky

The pop-themed comedy panel game show - which originally ran on the BBC from 1996 until 2015, until Sky revived it in 2020 - will see host Greg Davies return alongside Noel Fielding and Daisy May Cooper as team captains and Jamali Maddix as a regular panellist.

Greg said in a statement: "I'm delighted that 'Buzzcocks' is coming back. I can't wait to give more musicians the chance to increase their cool by hanging out with fat uncle Greg and his three odd children."

There will be 10, hour-long episodes for season 30, the second series on Sky.

‘Never Mind The Buzzcock’ is one of four shows that’s been commissioned for Sky. The channel has also announced the return of ‘Fantasy Football League’, and new shows 'Got Got Need’ and ‘Hold The Front Page’.

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Entertainment, said: “There’s something for everyone this year on Sky Max; from football, to music, to local news, to Daisy May Cooper’s laugh. We’re excited to showcase some of the best of British talent from the small screen in a host of entertainment shows that will provide us all with some much-needed light relief.”

'Got Got Need' will see football father and son Harry and Jamie Redknapp put to the test by executive producer Jack Whitehall.

The Redknapps will use their connections to bag meetings with top football players in the hope of creating their very own fantasy team.

Jack added: “I have always been, like many, a devoted fan to the World Cup and I am beyond excited to be putting one of my best mates and his dad to the test in this exciting new World Cup challenge. More importantly, I can’t wait for Sky viewers to watch Jamie Redknapp fail.”

'Hold the Front Page' will see comedians Nish Kumar and Josh Widdicombe's comical venture into local journalism in a six-part series.

Josh said: “I was forced to become a comedian after a period of being by far the worst journalist on the Guardian Sports Desk. Consequently, I’m delighted that Sky have given me the opportunity to prove once and for all that I 100% made the right decision in leaving this noble trade. Most of all I’m delighted they have paired me with one of the only people I know who has less chance of doing well in a proper important job.”