Peter Capaldi won't return to ‘Doctor Who’.

Peter Capaldi won't return to Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi won't return to Doctor Who

The 65-year-old actor played the Twelfth Doctor in the BBC show from 2013 until he handed the reigns over to Jodie Whittaker in 2017.

Since leaving the part, Peter has gone on to star in hard-hitting TV programmes, such as Apple’s upcoming ‘Criminal Record’, where he plays the terrifying villain Daniel Haggerty, and he has now insisted he will not reprise his role as the titular Time Lord.

When asked in an interview with Forbes if he would pick up the Sonic Screwdriver again, Peter said: “No. I'm a long-standing Doctor Who fan from being a kid.

“Haggerty is the same age as me, so maybe he watched Doctor Who, too. He’s of that era.

“I like the idea that my Doctor is still out there. He's not available to come and be on TV. The real Doctor is not on TV, the real Doctor is out there.”

Peter thought the 'Who' Christmas special, which saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to the series as the beloved Time Lord and Donna Noble, was “wonderful” and “full of life”.

He said: “I enjoyed it. I thought it was great and a lot of fun.

”It was wonderful, exuberant, and full of life, drama, and monsters. David was wonderful, and Catherine Tate, of course.

"It’s 'Doctor Who', you know, it's a gas and a good thing in the world. It's a nice, fun, exciting thing, and I look forward to the rest of the specials and Ncuti Gatwa coming along. I've met him, and he's very inspiring and charming.”

Despite closing the door on the sci-fi show, Peter admitted he would be happy to return to the DC cinematic universe to work with the studio’s creative head James Gunn, with whom he worked with on the 2021 movie, ‘The Suicide Squad’.

He said: “Of course, I would, absolutely.

“James was lovely; I loved working with him. He creates such a great atmosphere on set and is such a nice person to work with. I honestly think James is gifted, clever, and sharp, but I sometimes feel like he's making a film in his garage.

“He feels like a guy who would go off at the weekend and make these films because he has such enthusiasm and sincerity about them."