Russell T Davies has warned fans they "won't be laughing" when they watch 'Doctor Who' special 'The Giggle'.

Russell T Davies warns fans about Doctor Who's The Giggle episode

Russell T Davies warns fans about Doctor Who's The Giggle episode

Although the third part of this year's 'Doctor Who' 60th anniversary specials has a lighthearted name, writer Davies insisted it is much darker than it appears.

A brief teaser was shared on Instagram, with David Tennant's Doctor referring to Neil Patrick Harris's as-yet-unidentified villain by saying: "He's here. Driving you mad. Laughing at the human race."

And Davies took to the comments to write: "Oh you won't be laughing when..." followed by a sad-faced emoji.

Meanwhile, Catherine Tate has returned to the show alongside Tennant for a three-episode stint as part of the series' 60th anniversary celebrations and she recently revealed that the on-set tech “has come up a pace” from her original stint on the show.

She said: “We worked in a green studio, and it has come up a pace from when David and I had been on it before, I can tell you that.

“The budget and the scale and the studio have all increased.

“Genuinely it used to be a tennis ball on a stick. And the director would say, ‘That’s a monster.’

“Now the tennis balls and sticks are much bigger - they’re absolutely enormous now.”

Catherine first appeared in the BBC sci-fi series as the titular character's assistant Donna in the 2006 Christmas Special and went on co-star throughout the fourth series.

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