Shirley Ballas ended up going commando for her 'Strictly Come Dancing' job interview.

Shirley Ballas had to go full-commando for her 'Strictly Come Dancing' job interview

Shirley Ballas had to go full-commando for her 'Strictly Come Dancing' job interview

The 63-year-old ballroom dancer, who became the head judge for the BBC in 2017, admitted her interview for the programme did not get off to the best start, because she had to remove her knickers after an ice pack leaked whilst she was suffering from sciatica, which causes pain in the lower back.

When the Metro newspaper's Sixty Seconds column asked what her most embarrassing moment was, Shirley said: "I had one of my interviews for 'Strictly'. I’d flown in from the United States and I had bad sciatica. I was in terrible pain.

"I had to go straight to the BBC studios and I had those big girl knickers on. They decided to give me ice, so they got an ice pack, put it round my hip, bandaged it up, and I got my knickers on and my lovely long dress.

"Then the water started to leak – it leaked all the way over my pants … I didn’t have a spare pair, so I sat and did my interview knickerless!"

Unfortunately for the judge, this wasn't the only embarrassing knickers story she had, as the judge revealed that her co-star Anton Du Beke had exposed her "big girl panties" to the audience on the BBC programme.

She recalled: "On the tour, he came up to my room and said, 'You read, our Shirl?' I said, "I'm just popping my hair up, I'll be out in a moment.'

"I'd just bought these big girl panties. They were massive – they go right underneath your boobs. He stole a pair and put them in the top pocket of his tuxedo – [he] never told me.

"Then we went out on stage, I'm looking all glamourous, and he's saying to the public, 'Doesn't she look lovely?' They're clapping and he goes, 'I just want you to know that she wears these kind of kickers', and he pulled them out.

"That's Anton! He can be a bit of a naughty boy."

Meanwhile, Shirley has insisted she doesn't have any "favourites" on the show ballroom show, and puts her faith in the viewers.

She explained: "Absolutely not! I don’t do favourites, darling. At the end of the day, I have full faith that the public, who have been watching the show for 20-odd years, will pick the right winner."

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