Shirley Ballas wants to take part in 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

Shirley Ballas wants to challenge herself physically

Shirley Ballas wants to challenge herself physically

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge is a huge fan of the military training show and doesn't think she'd be fazed by the tough instructors putting her through her paces because of her experiences in the dance world.

She told Fabulous magazine: “I would love to do that! I watch it every week. It’s nothing that I haven’t gone through in my industry, with men screaming in my face. They are pussycats in comparison!”

The 63-year-old star is inundated with TV offers but has no idea to take part in a celebrity quiz show in front of the nation.

She said: "I’ve been offered 'The Chase', 'Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' and 'Mastermind'.

“I look on that with a little trepidation and think: ‘Oh no. Not quite me.’ I’m more about doing challenges that people think you can’t do at my age.”

Shirley has spoken in the past about being trolled over her critique on 'Strictly', and while she admitted the cruel comments have lessened this series, she urged fans to "vote" for their favourites so they can't complain about the results.

She said: “As an adjudicator, judging the major dance championships around the world, I judge without fear or favour, and I have no favouritism at all. The public, at the end of the day, has the vote.

"All I say to the public is, vote! Because if you don’t, there will be two in the bottom two, and if the judges don’t agree, it will be me who’s sending them home, and then most people complain.”

And Shirley insisted she couldn't possibly single any of the celebrity contestants out as potential winners this year.

Asked who she thinks will make the final, she said: “I have to answer this with all my heart.

“It’s every single one of them, because every week they bring something different. I can’t single anyone out.

"It’s like a box of chocolates – you never really know what you’re going to get.”