Tony Blackburn was left shocked after he saw a ghost above his bed.

Tony Blackburn was left shocked after he saw a ghost above his bed

Tony Blackburn was left shocked after he saw a ghost above his bed

The 80-year-old radio legend, who had hosted a show on BBC Radio London, revealed that he had a paranormal experience as a teenager that left him gob-smacked.

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, he said: “When I was about 17 years old, I lived in Poole in Dorset. I was in bed and saw this thing hovering about my bed, like a face.

“I didn’t recognise it, but I looked at it and it gradually faded. I thought it was weird, and the following dat it happened as well - the same thing!

“It’s never happened since but it was hovering about two feet in front of me. I though, ‘That’s a bit scary’, so the following day I left the door open. It didn’t go out, it just faded.”

Tony had recently began to wind down his radio career, with him retiring from BBC Radio London and presenting fewer shows on BBC Radio 2 due to a shock battle with life-threatening sepsis, pneumonia, and blood poisoning in April last year.

The first ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!’ winner had also been honoured with an OBE for his outstanding work in the industry, which he admitted “is the icing on a very lovely cake”.

In a statement, he said: “Receiving this honour is truly unexpected and very humbling. When I first replied to a New Musical Express advert looking for DJs, back in 1964, I never imagined that nearly 60 years later, I would still be doing something I love so much.

"To still be in a radio studio a few times a week, being welcomed in to so many listeners’ homes, sharing mine and their memories, and playing the music I love is simply wonderful.

“To be recognised for my work in broadcasting in this way is testament to all those I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, on both the BBC and in commercial radio. It really is the best job and to receive this award is the icing on a very lovely cake."