When it comes to frozen meals, my expectations are low. Having had my fair share of disappointing meals straight from the freezer, my preference is to cook with fresh ingredients.



Consequently, when I was offered the chance to review the new home delivered, frozen meals from allplants, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. 

By the time I had taken my first bite of my meal of choice for the evening, the Mushroom and Chickpea Korma, with sweet potato, aubergine and coconut, I knew I had come across a game changer. It was creamy, aromatic and satisfying- what more could one ask of a hearty curry? 

I was in the midst of moving house so after a day of packing, I really wasn’t in the mood to cook. Being able to throw one of these in the microwave for a mere 8 minutes while preparing my husband and daughter’s meal was a blessing for a quick and fuss free dinner. 

As someone who used to be vegan, I still have a strong appreciation for plant based food so it’s nice to be able to dive right back into the endless culinary possibilities plants can offer. 

For the eco warriors among us, you will be glad to know that all the packaging is recyclable, so you can have an entirely guilt free meal that benefits both the environment and the animals.

For my second meal, I pinged the Pad Thai- with peanuts, tamarind and red peppers. After a long and draining day and it was everything I hoped for- a sweet, sticky sauce with a little kick over chunky noodles- it’s what Saturday nights were made for! 

The added bonus is- it’s way healthier than a take away and each dish counts as two or more of your five a day depending on what you order. 

My two year old had a good tuck into the Teriyaki Udon with mushrooms, shredded cabbage and edamame. She hovered over me until I fed her the noodles, and she also had a good portion of my Mac and Greens with broccoli, kale and sunblush tomatoes- because, what kid doesn’t love creamy pasta?! 

I’m not overly keen on meat substitutes, as I would rather just eat vegetables, grains and pulses however the This is Not Chicken Katsu Curry was very tasty indeed and ideal if you are missing the taste and texture of meat. The Tempeh Rendang Curry with cauliflower and aubergine certainly fills the same gap if you want a meaty texture along with your veggies. These are perfect if you are looking to replicate a meaty laden meal you enjoyed in the past if you are new to the plant based way of life.  

The Golden Peanut Satay with butternut, satay and edamame beans made for a great convenience meal on our last night in our old home and nothing quite beats the smell of peanuts in a dish. My mouth watered as it spun around in the microwave!

Overall, I love the idea that I can get two or more of my five a day without a lot of work on my end. 

I am a terrible cook, so having these as a back up in my freezer meant that I didn’t have to worry about messing up in the kitchen. All the meals are chef made and I say if you aren’t blessed in the kitchen, leave it to those who are!

We all live such busy lives and the reality is, most frozen meals are bad for us. Being able to serve something healthy that takes no time at all is a definite bonus for busy mums who want to give their family good food.  

And the winner? You can’t beat a sweet curry, so the Chickpea and Mushroom Korma gets my vote every time. 

There are more than just the meals I reviewed on the site so plenty to choose from. If you are plant based and pressed for time, I highly recommend that you give allplants a go.

Thanks to allplants for the samples in exchange for this review. 


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