The original idea for the Aloha spirit was born in an American surf bar… a homemade gift to the après-sea crowd, a unique sundowner. It was formulated and created in that bar by Aloha 65’s very own Stephen Thorp, a British ex-pat bar owner and spirit aficionado. Stephen experimented with various all-natural alcoholic fruit infusions, naming them after local surfers. One, in particular, proved popular. A carefully balanced blend made from the tropical fruits that were on his doorstep – with a kick of spice to warm the soul. This blend was such a runaway success with the local crowd that Stephen decided to refine it (it’s taken 65 recipes to get there), and, finally, bottle it. And so here it is: Aloha 65; completely unique and waiting to be discovered.

Aloha 65

Aloha 65

The blend

Aloha 65 is an all-natural, pure grain spirit, infused over a month, with fresh pineapple, ginger, lemon, scotch bonnet chillies and a handful of other secret natural ingredients. Seven distillates are blended carefully together to create this new spirit.  

Aloha 65 boasts huge versatility. It can be enjoyed as a refreshing and reviving long-drink – the signature serve is a double shot topped up with ginger ale, neat over ice. It is also delicious as a chilled shot, and, because there is nothing else quite like it, Aloha 65 can be used as a very distinctive and different heart of classic cocktails such as the Daiquiri, Margarita or Mojito, or even as a really interesting cocktail modifier in less traditional cocktails.   It is proudly all-natural, vegan and at 27% ABV it is lower in alcohol than many alternatives.

Tasting Notes

Fresh fruit notes with a hint of ginger and chilli, suffused with herbaceous tones. Refreshing, reviving and packed full of flavour. 

A spirit with a difference

A fun, new surf/sea inspired, highly versatile, all natural, flavoured spirit from start-up company Big Wave Brands Ltd.  Delicious as the base for long drinks with mixers, a chilled shot or in cocktails.  Perfect for any occasion. It’s not gin, it’s not rum, it’s Aloha 65!

From its US shoreline beginnings to its new home in the UK, Aloha 65 is expanding rapidly, as is its popularity with the public. It offers something truly different. Inside the bottle the liquid is completely different to anything in the market. This difference is reflected in the packaging. You just can’t miss the surf-blue bottle, nor the distinctive brand elements, from the vintage surfer girl to the brand name itself: ”Aloha”…a greeting, a way of life, and above all, an invitation.

Generosity & Integrity

Generosity and integrity lie at the heart of the brand. Aloha 65 loves fun but, not at all costs. Respecting the natural habitat that is their playground is vital. That’s why Aloha 65 is a proud supporter of The Plastic Oceans Foundation, to whom they have pledged to contribute 5% of profits, to support their mission to stop plastic reaching the oceans. Quite simply, they want to do their bit. And that’s why Aloha 65 is made responsibly and inclusively. Aloha 65 is all-natural, vegan and even makes a great hot-sauce with the ingredients left over from the infusion process - surely a mould breaking recipe.

So what’s next ?

Since the soft launch earlier this year, Aloha 65 has been bringing smiles to many faces across the South West of England in coastal towns and cities but they are now ready to bring the joy to London and other parts of the UK. So, say “Aloha” to Aloha 65. For the doers, the shakers, the movers.

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