To celebrate the warm weather, the Baileys team has created three sumptuous new cocktails featuring Baileys Almande, full of summer flavours that just scream sunshine, perfect for picnics, garden parties and those alfresco dining moments.

Baileys Almande Cocktails

Baileys Almande Cocktails

Created by drinks expert Abbie Moulton, the brand new collection is centred around indulgently light-tasting and smooth Baileys Almande, the deliciously dairy-free liqueur. Showing just how versatile the dairy-free treat is as a cocktail ingredient, the collection is full of the flavours of summer: tropical pineapple, zesty passion fruit and a hint of exotic tahini. The entire collection of cocktails is dairy-free, but definitely not free from indulgence, so try one of these delicious recipes for an alfresco treat!

Baileys Pina Almanda 

The classic Colada, revived! Creamy coconut and fresh pineapple blended with smooth Baileys Almande and poured over crushed ice for a lighter take on this treat. Served with fresh pineapple for an extra tropical twist, that reminds us of our favourite summer holiday guilty pleasure outdoors! 

Baileys Almande Passionfruit & Chilli martini cocktail 

Zesty passionfruit and just the right hint of fiery chilli shaken with smooth and creamy Baileys Almande for a fun seasonal cocktail drenched in flavour. A deliciously tangy cocktail for sipping in the sunshine! 

Baileys Almande Iced Coffee Tahini Twist 

Iced coffee is given a sumptuous twist with smooth caramel and sweet tahini, topped with creamy layers of Baileys Almande for an indulgently light-tasting and playful coffee cocktail just made for enjoying after food.

Fresh air, a gentle breeze, and sunshine on the skin. Everything about summer makes us want to enjoy cocktails with friends outside! Follow the recipes below to make from home, and why not get friends over for your very own alfresco afternoon?!


Baileys Pina Almanda


[1.7 units per serve]

50ml Baileys Almande 50ml Coconut milk

60g Fresh pineapple chunks

25ml Pineapple juice

25ml Captain Morgan White Rum 

1 x Fresh pineapple, whole (for garnish)

Crushed ice


First, prep your garnish: cut fresh, whole pineapple into slices and then into triangles. Top the glass with one pineapple triangle and one pineapple leaf. Crushed ice ready. 

Add 60g pineapple chunks to blender.

Add 50ml coconut milk and 25ml of fresh pineapple juice.

Add 50ml Baileys Almande, 25ml Captain Morgan White Rum.

Blitz well and strain. 

Pour over crushed ice into tall glass.

Baileys Almande Passionfruit & Chilli martini cocktail 


[1 unit per serve]

75ml Baileys Almande

75ml Passion fruit syrup

50ml Pineapple juice

¼ teaspoon chilli powder

1 Passionfruit, whole (for garnish)

1 x Chillies, whole (for garnish) 

Cubed ice


First, prep your garnish: Cut the whole passionfruit into two halves, add a small slice to the chilli pepper and slot securely to the rim of the glass.

Add 75ml Baileys Almande, 75ml passion fruit, 50ml pineapple juice & pinch chilli to shaker with lots of ice. Shake well and strain into coupe glass.

Float passionfruit half.

Top tip: if you don’t have a cocktail shaker at home, you can use a clean jam jar with a lid, or the container of your bullet blender!

Baileys Almande Iced Coffee Tahini Twist 


75ml Baileys Almande

100ml Coldbrew coffee

100g Muscavado sugar

50g Coconut milk 

1/2 teaspoon Tahini paste, smooth

Cubed ice


For the caramel: blend 50g coconut milk with 1/2 teaspoon tahini paste. Strain. 

Add 100g muscovado sugar to a medium pan on medium heat.

Stir in coconut milk and stir for one minute. 

Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool .

Add caramel to the bottom of your glass and then fill to the top with ice cubes.

Fill glass halfway with coldbrew coffee.

Fill remaining half with Baileys Almande.

Drizzle over another spoonful of tahini caramel.

For added wow factor and to really impress your guests, drizzle melted vegan white chocolate around the rim of the glass.

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