Vegans who are also fans of beans on toast everywhere can rejoice as Heinz Baked Beans in tomato sauce are listed by PETA Australia as one of their accidently vegan foods. We look at the benefits of eating baked beans on a vegan diet to mark National Baked Bean Month.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Variety- Baked beans can be eaten on their own, on toast, with veggie sausages and chips, on a jacket potato or as part of a vegan fry up. They are very versatile so you won't get bored of all the meal variations you can enjoy.

Insoluble fibre- This type of fibre is not digested but simply moves through into the large intestine or colon. Here- bacteria work on it and produce short chain fatty acids. These acids are believed to nourish the colon lining as well as protect it from cancer causing invaders.

Lycopene- This is contained within the tomato sauce and is a powerful antioxidant which has been proved to help prevent heart disease and prostate cancer.

Protein- Helps to build muscle and is often thought to be lacking in a vegan diet. We need it to promote healthy muscle tissue to become stronger and have more energy. Protein also keeps hair and nails strong and luckily there is nearly 20g of protein per can.

Fibre- Beans are a great source of fibre, which is responsible for keeping the intestines working properly and reducing the likelihood of constipation.

Iron- Helps to promote healthy blood cell production and can be better absorbed in baked beans when consumed with foods that are rich in vitamin C such as orange juice. Breakfast anyone? 

Low in sugar- Some foods that come out of the tin run the risk of being high in sugar and salt- but baked beans are low in both, so you can enjoy a quick meal without the nasties.

Low in fat- Some vegan convenience foods can be high in fat- but baked beans are virtually fat free (approx. 0.8 grams per tin) if you're watching your weight.

One of your five a day- Just half a can of baked beans qualifies as one of your five a day. If you combine this with mushrooms and tomatoes as part of a fry up you're well on your way.

Lowers cholesterol- Beans lower cholesterol due to their fibre content. Studies have shown that eating beans up to four times per week can lower your risk of heart disease and normalise cholesterol.

No artificial preservatives – The can cleverly preserves and protects the goodness and quality of the baked beans inside, which means no artificial preservatives or colours are ever used.

Recyclable - Heinz Beanz cans are 100% recyclable which means you can feel guilt-free when you throw away the packaging too!

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