Blue Dragon, the number one Oriental and Sweet Chilli brand, has recently launched a new range of tables sauces inspired by Modern Asia to tempt taste buds of people looking to add adventure to any meal. 

Blue Dragon Korean Gochujang Sauce

Blue Dragon Korean Gochujang Sauce

The new sauces can currently be bought in the condiments aisle in Asda now, before being rolled out to other major supermarkets later in the summer for RRP: £1.75.

Using their oriental expertise to bring popular Asian flavours to delicious condiments, the range includes: sweet Chinese Hoisin, sticky Japanese Teriyaki, smooth and creamy Indonesian Satay, mild Japanese Katsu curry and sweet and spicy Korean Gochujang which adds a fiery kick to any dish.

The Asian flavour fixes are perfect for enlivening everyday meals and can complement sandwiches, salads and burgers. They are great alternatives for those who are looking to add a sauce that’s different from the usual ketchup, BBQ sauce or mayonnaise. Below is a vibrant selection of serving suggestions:

Indonesian Satay

Add excitement to any salad with a nutty Satay drizzle

Chinese Hoisin

Squeeze the sweet & sticky hoisin sauce over a hot dog and top with crispy onions

Korean Gochujang

Add heat to chicken or cauliflower to create a sweet and spicy flavoured kick

Japanese Teriyaki

Liven up your salmon with a drizzle of Teriyaki and side of roasted veg


Squeeze Katsu sauce over breaded chicken and brioche bun for the ultimate Asian burger

The new range offers people an easy way to liven up every day meals with Asian flavour fusions. As with all products, Blue Dragon wants to continue to inspire the nation to keep exploring with Asian food adventures at any time of day.  

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