Gorilla Juice, the vegan superfood-powered protein brand, is excited to announce its launch with three juicy protein flavours including Strawberry Shebang, Caramel Latte Crush and Game, Set and Matcha available online from 10th June.

Gorilla Juice

Gorilla Juice

Founded by young entrepreneur Harry Barratt (25), Gorilla Juice bridges the gap between healthy snacking and nutritional milkshakes with a formula that packs plant-based protein with superfoods to promote healthy digestion while increasing energy levels. Each flavour is a high performance feast for your body and your taste buds.

Banishing any nasties, Harry worked with leading nutritionists to develop Gorilla Juice’s vegan recipes using 100% natural flavourings and sweeteners while cutting out all colours, fillers, GMOs, gluten, dairy and soy.

Protein is one of the cornerstones of a balanced diet and Gorilla Juice is committed to using the best in plant-based protein including brown rice protein which is a great source of amino acids and much easier to digest than whey. Each formula also has pea protein which contains all nine essential amino acids and is packed with iron, making it ideal for aiding muscle growth, weight loss and heart health.

Striving to create a formula which is super tasty and delivers on its promises, Harry decided to blend these proteins with nutrient-packed superfoods such as; Wheat Grass for reducing cholesterol, Barley Grass for skin health and preventing asthma, Alfalfa Powder for boosting the immune system and aid recovery, Chlorella which is packed with vitamins B12, C, Iron and Omega 3s - and many more!

Harry comments: “Living in London, my lifestyle began to deteriorate with limited time, poor diet and high stress levels. I felt my energy and motivation draining, making me one of London’s many walking zombies. I looked for different products to help turn my lifestyle around but found they were either full of junk or tasted like junk which is why I founded Gorilla Juice.

“It is the perfect low calorie snack with numerous health and fitness benefits such as speedy recovery, increased energy levels and boosted mood thanks to superfoods and the incredible antioxidants.”

As a company which encourages people to ‘do you but better’, Gorilla Juice has already made a mark on trail blazers within the sports industry. Professional England cricketer and ambassador, Olly Stone (25), states: “Cricket is a really physically tasking sport which requires a lot of well thought out nutritional planning, so during the day I am often looking to boost my diet with protein and other greens. I found the best way to do that was with Gorilla Juice as it’s perfect to take with me on tours as I don’t have to worry about eating crappy snacks when out on the road, and it tastes better than any other protein shakes I’ve had. I never used to use plant based products but now I really feel the benefits of them, less bloating and natural tasting.”

In addition to taking care of the nutrition people are putting in their bodies, Gorilla Juice is also dedicated to taking care of the planet by planting a new tree for every product purchased and offering a free return postage of any empty Gorilla Juice bag which the company will then use to turn into items such as park benches and school desks.

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