Lo Bros, the unique soft drinks company focused on drinks with living cultures, known for its organic, low sugar kombucha, living sodas and tonics has added a NEW and LIMITED EDITION kombucha for summer 2019.

Watermelon Kombucha

Watermelon Kombucha

Watermelon Kombucha 330ml: Produced by fermenting organic green and oolong tea with sugar, water and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), and flavoured with natural watermelon, the result is a deliciously tangy & refreshingly fizzy soft drink, packed full of probiotics to support digestive and immune health.

Lo Bros, a brand from the Soulfresh portfolio, the disruptive food movement that stands against lifeless and soulless foods, first launched in the UK in May, 2018. All Lo Bros drinks are vegan, gluten free, 100% natural and small batch brewed in Berkshire.

WHERE: Lo Bros is available for purchase nationwide, RRP £2.39 -

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