Mindful Bites, the premium brand of plant-based gourmet foods, made with sustainably sourced ingredients, is proud to announce the launch of their newest seasonal vegan cakes, the Veganettone, available at high-end retailers nationwide including: Whole Foods Market, Selfridges, Fenwick and Ocado.

The Veganettone

The Veganettone

Mindful Bites has been at the forefront of plant-based innovation since the launch of their nut butters blended with superfoods in 2017, followed by the Crunchy Bites snacks the following year. Their mission to create a more sustainable and conscious food system has helped them grow into a beloved brand of highquality vegan gourmet foods.

With the launch of the seasonal range, Mindful Bites brings not only authenticity and traditions to the Christmas festive table, but also more attention to the health of the planet. The delicious range is called the Veganettone, using the term coined by Stephanie Peritore, founder of Mindful Bites, to avoid clashes with Italian regulations protecting the original panettone recipe containing both butter and eggs.

Mindful Bites’ Veganettone is created with the same dedication as the traditional panettone. Just like the first panettone ever made in Milan over 100 years ago, theirs is also hand-made. “We follow just the very same Italian artisanal traditions, passed down from 3 generations. Patiently, we air our secular sourdough starter 3 times a day, every day of the year, and we let the dough rise 4 times over 72 hours” shared Stephanie Peritore, speaking from Mindful Bites’ headquarters in Marylebone, London. She further elaborates: ‘Clearly we didchange the original recipe and filled our Veganettone with our love for a better planet.’

The range comes in 3 flavours, Classic (with raisins and candied orange peels), Chocolate and Mixed Berries. All flavours are available in the traditional family format (500g), the miniature version (100g), and a Gift Box containing all 3 variants (300g). All versions come in beautifully designed and innovative packaging, perfect for home consumption as well as gifting. Capitalizing on the mini trend that has been embraced by both the snack industry and consumers alike, the unique Mini Veganettone are produced in exactly the same authentic fashion as the larger cakes, with all of the same natural ingredients, and are a perfect solution for coffee shops and delis.

Thanks to the mastery of their award-winning Maestro del Panettone, their fully dedicated vegan bakery uses only sustainably-sourced and mindfully-chosen ingredients, no nasties for us, no nasties for the planet. The enthusiastic team at Mindful Bites explains that this is the real secret of their Veganettone, with its deceptively light texture, silky crumb and signature rich flavour.

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