Ocado is the first and exclusive online retailer to launch THIS, a new vegan ‘meat’ brand hailed as having an unparalleled realism to meat in taste, look, texture and smell.

Isn't Chicken

Isn't Chicken

14% of the UK population now consider themselves ‘flexitarian’ (meaning they occasionally eat meat) and over one fifth of adults, including meat-eaters, are regularly enjoying meat substitutes.[1]

The number of search entries for ‘vegan’ products on Ocado.com website and app have increased by 51% in the last 12 months, reflecting this shift in the lifestyle of many consumers.[2]

As part of the retailer’s drive to widen its plant-based choice offering, which has expanded by over 1,000 products in the last 6 months,[3] the online supermarket is now launching the new vegan ‘meat’ taste-alike and look-alike product range, THIS.

The brand was founded earlier this year by two former beef burger restaurateurs passionate about developing a plant-based range that would appeal to all, from meat-lovers to vegans. THIS has been designed for anyone looking to try tasty, plant-based meat-alternatives which closely resemble the real thing. The range includes ‘ISN’T BACON’ rashers, ‘ISN’T CHICKEN’ Goujons with Breadcrumbs and ‘ISN’T CHICKEN’ Tikka Pieces.

About THIS:

  • All products are completely vegan, made predominantly from GMO-free soy bean protein, water and pea protein
  • Fortified with iron and B12, free from both nitrates and antibiotics
  • Average C0₂ emissions of THIS is 2.4kg in comparison to 150kg emission from beef and 20kg from chicken
  • High in protein - THIS ‘ISN’T CHICKEN’ Tikka Pieces contains 45% of the average recommended daily intake of protein per 100g.[4]

Jacques Thudichum, Buying Manager at Ocado comments: “With nearly a quarter of Ocado shoppers claiming to follow a vegan diet either all or some of the time, we are constantly searching for new, exciting and innovative plant-based brands for our customers to try. The broad appeal of THIS to all tastes is something we believe will appeal to a large range of Ocado customers, from meat-eaters and 'flexitarians' through to vegetarians and vegans.”

[1] YouGov, 2019

[2] Searches containing ‘vegan’ between 01 July 2017 - 01 July 2018 vs. 01 July 2018 - 01 July 2019.

[3] Number of vegan-ranged SKUs launched on Ocado.com between 12th January 2019 and 14th July 2019.


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