Plamil, the first certified producer of UK organic and vegan chocolate is launching Cocoabites. 

Plamil's Cocoabites

Plamil's Cocoabites

The new Cocoabites produced with 100% renewable energy are available now in plastic free glass jars - the greenest most environmentally friendly packaging possible.  What’s more, the new jars are refillable, reusable and recyclable and come in three delicious varieties. 

Vegan Milky Smooth Cocoabites - a new generation of vegan milk chocolate, the delicate chunks have an exceptionally smooth texture which makes them beyond moreish. 

Vegan White Cocoabites - chunks of delicious white cocoa with a wonderfully smooth rounded finish.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cocoabites - For those who prefer dark chocolate, these have an exquisitely high cocoa content of 67%, which make them wonderfully smooth with the sweetness coming from unrefined coconut blossom sugar.

 As well as fully recyclable jars, the new Cocoabites are also available in 1 kg refill packs which make them even greener when it comes to buying more. 

Like all Plamil products, Cocoabites  are vegan as well as being wheat and gluten free and are made to the highest no nut and no peanut standards.

The new Cocoabites range have an RRP of £2.50 and are available from leading independent health shops and on-line at

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