What can I say about Plant-Based Diet for Dummies? In a nutshell; I wish I had found this book when I first became vegan.

Plant-Based Diet for Dummies

Plant-Based Diet for Dummies

It can be a challenge when you first start out on this lifestyle to gather all the relevant information you need to do it healthfully and properly.

I would suggest that anyone who is thinking about embarking on this new way of life should read this book first. All so you can equip yourself with the information so you can go vegan the right way.

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way and sadly, I fell into the latter category by eating lots of processed vegan foods. Although these are great for the odd treat, they should not be the basis for you entire diet. 'Vegan' does necessarily mean 'healthy', which is one of the important points made in the book.

As you might expect from a book with such a name- it's helpfully separated out in bitesize chapters so you can read one per night and build up your knowledge slowly. Unlike other books that may just touch upon dietary hints and tips, this one goes into a lot of detail on each aspect so you learn all the ins and outs of veganism from getting started, embracing the lifestyle, recipes and plant-based stages for life.

The book aptly finishes by listing ten bad things about eating meat- a great note to end on if the rest of the book doesn't convince you to alter your eating habits.

The thing I like most about this books is that it doesn't dwell too much on scare tactics. It's very positive, encouraging and future orientated. It's also something you can use over and over again as you can refer back to the recipes any time you feel like making something suggested in its pages.

Rather than spending a lot of money on many books- this might be a wiser investment as it has everything in one place to get you started. And as proved, it can benefit existing vegans and new vegans alike.

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