There’s a new bowl on the breakfast table as Rainforest Foods Bambeanies hits the shelves in a bid to bring families a nutritious and exciting start to the day.



The latest product by established superfood and wholefood business Rainforest Foods, the new Bambeanies range uses only natural, ethically sourced, healthier, allergen free ingredients - including a multi-bean blend, wholegrain rice, coconut flour, coconut blossom nectar and baobab (also known as Africa’s Tree of Life and the Upside Down tree). Rainforest Foods Bambeanies offers a nutritious and tasty breakfast which is high in fibre, a source of protein and iron so providing a balanced breakfast and better start to the day for all the family*.

In what is sure to be music to the ears of families across the UK, Bambeanies offers an alternative to some well-known household names - including Coco Pops, which has 79% more sugar per serving - meaning a swap to Bambeanies at breakfast could reduce a child’s daily sugar intake by 10%**.

Stewart McGuckin, Rainforest Foods commented;

“We know breakfast can be one of the most fraught times of the day in any household. Trying to strike the balance between nutrition, finding something your child will love and fitting into the military operation of getting out in the morning can often feel impossible. We wanted to make the choice a super simple one for families by providing a more exciting alternative, full of natural goodness, without compromising on taste.

“With criticism of some food manufacturers increasing over recent years, we felt that it had become more difficult for families to find a product they can trust. With increasing focus on the amount of sugar in many products, the type of ingredients used and where they’re from, we wanted to create foods that challenged the normal way of doing things; that took the super ingredients all around us in nature and brought them together in simple, tasty and exciting food products – absolutely nothing artificial, no confusing labels which parents struggle to make head nor tail of and that all the family would enjoy.”

The new range offers an exciting and nutritious alternative to some of the leading family-favourite brands. For instance, swapping to Bambeanies’ Super Cacao Crispies, which uses natural cacao powder for a sweet and delicious taste, when compared with the market-leading chocolate-flavoured direct competitor, provides a child with;

-          2.9g of sugar per serving versus 5.1g per serving

-          200% more fibre

-          122% more protein

-          95% less salt

It’s a similar outcome for Bambeanies Super Crispies, when compared with its market leading direct competitor, a bowl provides;

-          2g of sugar per serving versus 2.4g per serving

-          285% more fibre

-          85% more protein

-          98% less salt

Rainforest Foods is widely recognised for its responsible sourcing; an example being the work it does with EcoProducts in South Africa in the sourcing of the Baobab that goes into Bambeanies. Ecoproducts employ over 1,000 women from local communities who all make an income from harvesting the baobab fruits. EcoProducts’ founder Dr Sarah Venter established the Baobab Foundation that provides education for the children of baobab harvesters and supports the conservation of baobab trees in Southern Africa.

In addition to responsible sourcing, Rainforest Foods has long been involved in supporting social and environmental projects around the world and has been a leading partner of the charity Rainforest Concern since its inception ten years ago.

McGuckin adds; “Bambeanies provides a guarantee that for every pack sold, Rainforest Foods will fund the protection of four square metres of rainforest, which will help to protect endangered habitats, wildlife and indigenous people. We are determined to try our best to leave the world in a better state than how we found it – the health of consumers through the products we develop; the environment through the ingredients we use and how we source them and the communities of the producers of our ingredients through long-term partnerships.”

Rainforest Foods Bambeanies is now available in over 450 Sainsbury’s stores across the country. There are two products in the range: Super Crispies and Super Cacao Crispies. RRP: £3.50 per box.

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