This February up to 80 cyclists will be joining Veganuary in Kerala, India to cycle 240 miles. It’s all part of an amazing fundraising event, Vegan Cycle India, with each participant raising money to support Veganuary’s work.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

It’s not too late to join them! To find out more about this incredible experience and to sign up, contact [email protected]. You will receive a welcome pack detailing the itinerary, costs and travel information.

We asked Veganuary’s Toni Vernelli why it’s important to fundraise as a vegan.

Toni’s top 7 reasons to take on a physical challenge and fundraise as a vegan

Show your mettle

Prove to yourself that you have the determination, stamina and psychological mettle to complete a physical endurance challenge. The sense of personal achievement you will feel is incomparable.

Prove that vegans are tough cookies

Smash the stereotypes. Show the world that protein from meat and dairy is simply not necessary to be in peak physical condition. Vegans are just as capable of physical feats as anyone else.

Meet other vegans

You’ll be part of a team of likeminded vegans and veg-curious people taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will laugh together, hit the tarmac together, celebrate together and form enduring friendships.

Promote veganism

What better way to share the reasons for and benefits of going vegan than by taking on such a challenge? You’ll be able to show your friends and family how a vegan diet can spare animal lives and benefit our environment, as well as demonstrating what a healthy lifestyle choice it is. And for anyone who you inspire, our Veganuary month-long challenge is the perfect first step.

See an amazing part of the world

Fundraising challenges take place all over the world, often in beautiful locations. Vegan Cycle India lets you see Kerala from a unique vantage point. You’ll cycle over mountains covered by tea and spice plantations, along the iconic Kerala backwaters, and finish at the azure Arabian Sea. You’ll also have the chance to venture into the Periyar wildlife reserve, home to tigers, elephants and hornbills. And you’ll meet lots of locals, no doubt appearing in many selfies!

Support the work of a charity you love

You’ll be helping a charity you love to achieve their goals. Veganuary helped over 250,000 people try vegan during their 2019 campaign and expect to smash that record in 2020. Donations enable Veganuary to carry out high profile awareness campaigns in the UK and around the world, work with supermarkets and retailers to increase the availability of vegan food, and to support hundreds of thousands of people to try vegan.

Spare animal lives

By supporting more people to try vegan you will be helping to spare thousands of animals from a lifetime of pain and cruelty.

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