Christmas comes with turkey, Easter edibles contain milk chocolate- but Halloween is perfect for the plant based people. Want to know why? Read on...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

EVERYONE carves vegetables and not animals- At Christmas you might be the one left out when others are reaching for the carving knife to cut the turkey while you slice into your nut roast. On Halloween, people would rather cut up a squash than an animal- happy times.

The vegan treats- There are so many sweet things out there that are already vegan- Skittles, Raspberry Ruffles, Party Rings, Oreos, Starburst, Pear Drops, Love Hearts and Millions to name a few- so you won't go hungry.

You can spread the vegan message through your food- Instead of buying any old sweets and treats you could make your own vegan buffet and show people that plant based food is just as terrifyingly tasty!

The black cats- Suddenly everyone starts to appreciate cats- especially the black ones- you can finally share your love of animals with those nearest and dearest.

The candles- Whether they're lighting up a pumpkin or around the house to give the right atmosphere- it saves on electricity and is kinder to the planet.

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The skeletons- The abundance of skeletons offers up the opportunity to address the important issue of bone health and introduce people to plant based milks instead of cow's milk.

The synthetic costumes- The costumes tend to be made of out synthetic materials so you and everyone else have lots of cruelty free choice when it comes to what you'll be wearing. A special mention to the cotton sheet.

The scary fruit- Peel a satsuma and give it a green top to look like a pumpkin, chop bananas in half and give them some raisin eyes and a mouth to look like a ghost or even carve a face into an orange pepper to create a mini pumpkin.

The soup- You can get out your very own cauldron (soup pan) and cook up something suitably orange to serve up as a warm, inviting, plant based meal for the family.

The toffee apples- It may only be one day of the year but on Halloween, people get just as excited about apples as you do. And you get to indulge in an extra topping (vegan of course) on yours as a treat.

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