Award-winning and fast-growing Rejuvenation Water brand has launched an exciting new range of plant-based protein/amino acid and electrolytes enriched sparkling waters. Containing botanical extracts, there are three exciting on-trend flavours in the new hydration+ range: Cherry & Cranberry; Tropical; Lime & Lemon – all available in fully recyclable 250ml slimline cans. The drinks are all natural, low calorie (50 kcal or less), low sugar and vegan. RRP £1.39.



The unique formulation contained in the Rejuvenation Water hydration+ sparkling waters not only provide extra hydration from the electrolytes, but functional benefits too from the protein/amino acids which help to fuel the immune system, aid protein absorption and promote healthy cognitive function.

With protein water and functional drinks set to be one of the major trends this year, the Rejuvenation Water hydration+ drinks range is sure to be in high demand from consumers who want a great tasting adult soft drink with added health benefits. Whether it’s consumed on its own as a delicious alternative to sugary soft drinks, used as a healthier alternative mixer with spirits or combined in a delicious cocktail or mocktail, the possibilities are limitless. In-fact with dehydration, lowered blood sugar levels and inhibition of amino acids being the main side effects of alcohol consumption, Rejuvenation Water hydration+ range really is the perfect adult soft drink to have on a night out or a big night in.

Rejuvenation Water hydration+ range is available through Ocado and Amazon now and in bars, restaurants and other retailers around the UK during 2019.

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